How to learn to type fast? Today's computer users no longer have to write text, painfully searching for the desired letters on the keyboard, because the development speed of typing on the keyboard to a large extent by a variety of chat rooms, ICQ, etc.

However, to those who are just beginning to learn the computer, as well as to those who are dissatisfied with their speed dial, sooner or later the question arises: is it possible to learn to type fast?Of course!Fortunately, modern manufacturers of computer software offer users a convenient and inexpensive applications - Typing tutor.

To quickly set on a standard keyboard is best suited touch type .This method allows you to use all your fingers typing at the same time, which greatly increases the speed dial.This movement of fingers on the keys brought to automaticity, so the need to constantly look at the keyboard disappears.

The method set with ten fingers (index, middle, ring, little finger) of both hands "default" located on the midline of the alphabetic keyboard «FYVAOLDZH»

(«ASDFJKL»).The thumbs are located on the spacebar («space»).

How to learn to type fast?

If you want to type a character from the lower or upper row of each finger moves on the appropriate key of its vertical row.Some fingers and press several adjacent horizontal row of keys.After pressing the fingers back to its original position - "fyvaoldzh."

Now that the basic principles are clear to touch type set, you can begin to train your skills on typing tutor.There are many different versions of these products, they may be different options and design, but the basic principle of operation is as follows.

first student develops individual letters.For example, the first exercise can be a set of different combinations of the letters "a" and spaces: A A A;aa aa aa;aah aah aah, etc.Gradually, with the study of each subsequent letter exercises become more complex combinations can be kind of "ao ao ao" or, for example, type "va la ol in BGN."

When studied all the letters of the middle row in the exercises are added letters from the top row, and then from the bottom.In the study of special characters and digits in most programs, as a rule, there are separate classes.

Toward the end of training exercises are becoming more and more complex.The student need to type entire phrases, sentences, using punctuation, numbers.And for those who have already mastered the ten-method programs offer practice on texts of different (in terms of set) complexity.

So what are the keyboard there are simulators?

Probably the most famous in the domestic spaces is a simulator "Solo on the keyboard" .Author of this program, VVShakhidjanyan, it offers users 100 lessons.This software is distributed as a shareware - after 40 exercises you need to buy a licensed copy of the program to continue their studies.

The program is a fun, playful way, with a detailed statistics of lessons.Go through each exercise is possible only after the successful completion of the previous one.The study layout - Russian.

How to learn to type fast?

"Stamina" - is a free, long-known users typing tutor.It can operate as a learning lesson, and in the mode of practice for those who have already mastered the ten-method.The input field of the program is divided into two parts.The user is prompted to type certain phrases.Each correctly typed letter is transferred from one area to another field.

Stamina also provided statstikoy.The user can see his average speed during the exercise, the percentage of errors found in the recruitment through graphs to compare the results of different lessons.Studied layout - Russian and English.The site developer can download additional sentences for other languages: French, Spanish, German, etc.

How to learn to type fast?

"BabyType" - the principle of the program is a bit different from the previous ones.Before a user task: to have time to collect the necessary characters before they "eat" monsters.The program can be used 6 different languages, which have the opportunity to select the desired keyboard layout.Game nature of the program allows users to learn of all ages.

How to learn to type fast?