How to convert DOC to PDF? Sometimes we are faced with the need to convert a text file in MS Word to PDF-document.This can be done in different ways: by means of a text editor with the help of third party tools and online services.So, how to convert DOC to PDF ?

Create PDF document from a text file may be required in different cases.Let's say you need to send a document via e-mail in the "beautiful" form, take the form of a file summary or PDA to create a simple e-book. For these purposes, you can use a variety of programs, both paid and free .

All program to convert DOC to PDF are divided into two main groups.The first group is complete utility to create the document PDF .With these programs can make adjustments to the final document.Programme of the second group integrated into the system as a virtual printer .In this case, you need to display a text document to the printer, but it does not select the physical printer and virtual.Ready PDF document will be saved in a specific folder.

But not everyone knows that it is often

possible to convert DOC to PDF with a text editor , which created the original document.This saves you from having to search for, download and install third-party software.

How to convert DOC to PDF in Microsoft Word?

In general, Microsoft Office 2007 does not contain the original PDF-converter because of Adobe, which owns the rights to the format of PDF, forbade him to include.But on the official website you can download Microsoft supplement called Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS .

download the installation file plug-in, run it.Check the box under the warning and click Continue.When the installation is finished, click OK.

Now you can open the desired document in MS Office and save it as PDF.To do this, click on the icon Office in the upper left corner of the window, select "Save As ..." and press the «PDF or XPS».

In the window entitled "Publish as PDF or XPS», select a folder to save the file.Enter the desired file name, the method of optimization ("minimum size" or "Standard") and click "Publish."

How to convert DOC to PDF in OpenOffice?

If you use a free alternative to Microsoft Office - office suite - you do not even need to install additional plug-ins, the possibility of conversion provided for in the original package.

To convert a text file in the "File" menu select the item "Export as PDF ...».A window with export settings.You can configure various parameters of the final document, for example, recovery record his or configure internal and external links.

If the original document, a lot of graphics, it is advisable to pay attention to the section "Image" in the "General" tab.There will need to set the JPEG compression and image resolution.The above parameters are, the better will be the quality of the document, but the more it weighs.Here it is necessary to find optimal balance between quality and weight of the document .

set all the parameters, click "Export".Enter the file name, select the destination folder and click "Save".

How to convert DOC to PDF online?

If the text editor you do not have, you can use free online service for converting .One of these services - .Once logged in, the bottom of the page you will see a form entitled "Convert document".

field "File" to select the document that you need to convert.Click "Browse" to select on your computer the desired document and click "Open."Make sure that the field "in the format" has been selected "Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)", if it is not - select it from the drop-down list.

Now click "Convert this document."When the conversion is completed, the browser prompts you to open the document or save it to your computer.Select save and press OK.To store a standard: choose the destination folder, enter the file name and presses the "Save".

And what methods of converting DOC to PDF you use ?

How to convert DOC to PDF?