How to download the entire site? If you want to make a local copy of a site, for example, to save Internet traffic, you download the entire site several ways.

The easiest way to download the entire site - it preservation of the necessary files manually .This method is accessible from any Internet browser, but it is so tedious and irrational, it is rarely used.

for "advanced" users is a utility Wget - it allows you to download the entire site by using the console interface of the operating system.To use Wget need to have skills to work with the console.

And to download the entire site and it does not make a lot of effort, it is enough to use special software to download sites.Such programs are called offline browser and lets you save copies of sites on the local hard drive, and then to browse sites without an Internet connection.

example, convenient to use the following programs to download sites :

  • Offline Explorer Pro
  • Teleport Pro
  • Webcopier
How to download the entire site?

program Offline Explorer Pro - is a Russian offline browser that allo

ws you to upload boththe entire site, as well as its individual parts (see the mask of files).Saving a copy of the files, scripts, images and photos after downloading are available for viewing offline.Furthermore, the program downloaded via files can be recorded on the optical disc in a format export.

Offline Explorer Pro allows you to download the entire site protocols Web, HTTPS and FTP, save streaming video and audio on such protocols like RTSP, PNM, MMS and NSV.Downloaded Web pages can be edited, downloaded sites can organize full text search.For convenience, the program has a special Wizard of new projects that will facilitate the start of working with Offline Explorer Pro.

How to download the entire site?

Teleport Pro - one of the most famous and sought-after off-line browser.Download the entire site with the help of this program you can quickly and conveniently.The program interface is intuitive, user can configure different modes and depth download.For example, it is possible to download a full copy of the site while preserving the directory structure, download individual files, etc.

Teleport Pro supports multi-threaded download, it can be integrated into Internet browsers Internet Explorer, Opera.With the download site has the opportunity to set a mask of files and thus download or not to download only the files of a certain type.It supports the ability to download the entire site on schedule, the ability to restrict the massive download to avoid the ban on the site.

How to download the entire site?

Webcopier - a utility for downloading sites in Russia.Thanks to Russian interface master utility is quite simple.To get started with the program there is a special master who holds incrementally address input injection site, download the configuration options, etc.Webcopier allows you to adjust the depth download, adjust the number of simultaneous downloads (up to 100), set file filters.

useful option in the program Webcopier - is an opportunity to further work with the already loaded on your hard drive site.The program allows you to update only new links and upload the new files to the site without having to restart the entire site.On the already loaded page links are changed automatically.

So, download the entire site - it's a snap.If necessary, instead of programmatic "downloader" and console tools, you can use a special online service download site.This service downloads files to the archive site, which in the future can continue to work.Service is under beta testing.Available at: