How to remove Firefox? If an application removed from your computer correctly , it can lead to problems in the further use of the system.In particular, if not completely removed is Firefox, when you reinstall this browser errors may occur. How to remove Firefox correct?

not always standard procedure for removal, is available in the operating system, really completely erases all the data required application.For example, in the case of Firefox, you should perform several additional steps before remove Firefox completely .

How to remove Firefox, if you have the Windows 7 operating system?

first step - it removal of the old Firefox cache and cookies .Remove cookies (cookies) as follows.It is necessary in the Firefox menu, select "Tools" - "Settings".In the window that follows, select "Privacy."

How to remove Firefox?

now in the group 'History' please click on the link " remove individual cookies ".In the window that opens, click on " Delete all cookies ".

How to remove Firefox?

To clear the cache settings should also take advantage of Firefox.Select "Advanced

" and in it - "Network" tab.Now to remove the cache, you need to click " Clear Cache ".

How to remove Firefox?

Then you can proceed to remove Firefox using the standard procedure Windows .

the Start menu, you must select "Control Panel."In the Control Panel window, you must select "Programs" and then " Programs and Features ".

In the list of installed programs, select the Mozilla Firefox .After that, you must click " Remove ", located in the upper part of the window.This starts the uninstall wizard Mozilla Firefox.

In the wizard, remove, press "Next" button, and then - "Delete" button.This will initialize the process of removing the program.If the one or more windows browser Mozilla Firefox is still open, the wizard will prompt close them .The removal process will not be completed if the window will remain open.

To remove Firefox completely with all existing bookmarks , saved passwords, and other personal data necessary to put a "tick" for the field "Delete my personal data".

to complete the removal of Firefox you need to click " Done ".

To remove the add-ons and extensions Firefox need to manually delete the folder containing the components of Firefox .By default, this folder is:

C: // Program Files (x86) / Mozilla Firefox (64-bit)

C: // Program Files / Mozilla Firefox (32-bit)

The personal profileuser contains data such as bookmarks, passwords, cookies (cookies).

To remove Firefox entirely, personal profile is also necessary to remove .By default, the profile data are in the folder:

C: // users / [username] / AppData / Local / Mozilla / Firefox / Profiles

also need to delete the file profiles.ini - by default it is in suchfolder:

C: // users / [username] /AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles.ini

On this issue, how to remove the Mozilla Firefox from your computer, could be closed, but in some cases afterremoval of the browser in the registry are still some information about the program.This can cause problems if you plan to install Firefox again.Therefore, experienced PC users usually manually delete unwanted registry keys .This should be done with extreme caution!

must run " Registry Editor " ("Start" - "Run" - "regedit") and the list of items to find the following:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Mozilla]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \MozillaPlugins]

selecting the desired item, you must click on the right mouse button and select "Delete." process then completely remove Firefox is completed.

How to remove Firefox?