Keyboard shortcuts in Windows Oddly convenient computer mouse, many actions are performed much faster using the keyboard.For this purpose there are the so-called "hot keys" and shortcuts, about which, unfortunately, not everyone knows.Their shortcuts are found in every program, but there are some common keyboard shortcuts in Windows.Land of the Soviets will tell you about the most common hotkeys in Windows XP and Windows 7.

Hotkeys in Windows XP

most common keyboard shortcuts in Windows XP - it is a combination of keys Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and Win with other keys.Win key is on the left, between the Ctrl and Alt.It depicts the emblem of Windows.Shortcuts in Windows XP pressed as follows: first press the first key, and then - the second, while not letting go of the first.

most common keyboard shortcuts in Windows XP as follows:
  • key Win or a combination Ctrl + Esc open the "Start" menu.
  • Shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + Esc calling application "Task Manager."
  • combination Ctrl + Alt + Del security dialog is Windows (for example
    , if your computer stops) and is used for "soft" ("hot") to reboot.
  • combination Win + E Explorer starts Windows.
  • by combining Win + R called dialog box "Run."
  • Shortcuts Win + D fold all current Windows user, or cancel the action.It is also used for this purpose keys Win + M (collapse) and Win + Shift + M (cancel).
  • clicking Win + F1 , you can call the help Windows.
  • To search for files on your computer, click the combination Win + F or Win + Ctrl + F.
  • To switch between the buttons on the taskbar shortcuts are Win + Tab or Win + Shift + Tab.
  • To block the autorun CD-ROM, insert the disc and hold down Shift.
  • Shortcuts Alt + Enter let you go full screen, or come out of it.
  • combination Alt + F4 closes the current window (the application).If you apply a combination in the "clean" your desktop, open dialogue shutdown OS.
  • key F2 used to rename the object.
  • Enter key opens the selected file, key Del - removes the basket, and the combination of Shift + Del removes his "past" basket for all.
Hotkeys in Windows XP to work with the clipboard:
  • key Printscreen (PrtScr) copies a screenshot of the screen to the clipboard.
  • combination Alt + Printscreen copies a screenshot of the currently active window or application.
  • Ctrl + A - select all.
  • Ctrl + C (Ctrl + Insert) - copying to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + X - cut to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + V (Shift + Insert) - paste from the clipboard.
These hotkeys are used to work with both text and objects.Keep in mind that when working with the command line shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V can not work, and instead need to use the Ctrl + Insert and Shift + Insert.

Hotkeys in Windows XP, used by most applications:
  • Ctrl + N (New) - create a new file.
  • Ctrl + S (Save) - to save the file.
  • Ctrl + O (Open) - Opening already saved file.
  • Ctrl + P (Print) - print the file.
  • Ctrl + Z - cancellation of the previous action.
  • Ctrl + F4 - closing the current file without closing the program.
  • Ctrl + F6 - to switch between open files.
  • F11 or Alt + Enter - go to full screen or vice versa.
  • Press Enter equivalent to pressing the selected button in the dialog box.

Shortcuts in Windows 7

Most hot keys operate Windows XP and Windows 7, but the new features of this operating system have caused the emergence of new keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts in Windows 7:
  • Win + Tab - switching between windows mode Flip3D, and Win + T - to switch between open programs with viewing thumbnails in the taskbar.
  • Shift + click on the application icon in the taskbar - the launch of a second copy of the application.
  • Win + # (number key) - the launch of a second copy of the application in the taskbar.Number key corresponds to the number of application icons in the panel.
  • Shift + Ctrl + click on the application icon in the taskbar - run the application with administrator privileges.
  • Win + Space (space) - make all windows transparent (if you have enabled Windows Aero).
  • Win + Home - Minimize all windows except the active.
  • Win + Win + Plus and Minus - start Magnifier and zoom in / out the screen.
  • Win + G - moving gadgets on top of windows.
Hotkeys in Windows can greatly facilitate and speed up the work with a PC.And absolutely no matter your version of the operating system - has its own keyboard shortcuts in Windows XP, and in addition to them there were also hot keys in Windows 7.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows