Why do I need treatment Opera Turbo? Despite the fact that the era of dial-up'a has passed, we still have to face the problem of slow Internet connections when a poor web page is loaded a few minutes.The developers of the Opera browser have found a solution to this problem - increase speed of loading pages will help technology Opera Turbo .

Despite the fact that Internet service providers offer their users to internet speed, reach tens or even hundreds of megabits, the reality is often not so rosy.Problems occur on the line speed and falls.And home internet at hand is not always - far from home have to use a slow mobile internet or public WiFi network, the speed of which is divided between all users - and there are dozens of them.Naturally, speed of loading pages in such cases is poor .Here comes to the rescue and Opera Turbo.

Opera Turbo - is a technology of data compression , which was first implemented in the browser Opera 10. The data from the loaded web page sent to the user's computer is not directly but through the server of the

company Opera Software.On the way data is compressed (80%), so the page loads quickly, and significant savings in traffic (this is especially true if you do not have internet access unlimited, and you pay for the consumed traffic).

technology Opera Turbo allows you to display websites without distortion HTML-markup.But subjected to compression, not all elements : movies, GIF-animation, SVG-graphics, Flash, JavaScript and AJAX are not compressed.So if the site is made in Flash, Opera Turbo you of little help. also not compressed encryption protocols - for security reasons.This means that if you are using a secure connection (for example, when buying goods in online stores or banking transactions), you interact directly with the site and your sensitive data will not pass through the server Opera.

Opera Turbo Technology can be used as a substitute for the proxy .Data compression is performed thanks to technology Opera Web Optimization Proxy, whose name speaks for itself.When you turn on your browser to Opera Turbo, your requests to the site and replies are sent from the site does not directly, but through the server Opera Software, and to act as a proxy server.So, along with data compression, and you get a nice bonus, for example, the possibility of anonymous access to various resources.Some sites, for example, limit access from certain countries by IP-address, use Opera Turbo helps to circumvent this prohibition.

How to enable Opera Turbo browser ?To do this, go to settings (click the left mouse button on the icon Opera in the top left corner of the window, select the "Settings", and in it - "General Settings", or just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F12).Click on the tab "Web pages" and in "Mode Turbo», select one of the options drop-down list - "Disabled", "Enabled" or "Automatic".When automatic mode is on Opera Turbo is activated, if you drop the connection speed. At high speed connection advised to turn off Turbo mode .When finished with the settings, click OK.

can enable Opera Turbo and faster way .To do this, click the Opera Turbo icon on the lower left corner of the browser window (the icon looks like a speedometer).Select "Enable Turbo» to activate or "Set Mode Turbo» - to adjust.In the Turbo mode setting can be turned on or off, adjust the switch.Still, you can tick the option "Notify me of connection speeds," if you want to be notified, to know exactly what is in this moment Service Opera Turbo or not.When finished with the settings, click OK.

One drawback regime Opera Turbo - is a marked deterioration downloadable images compressive .If you are very well need to look any image in its full capacity, click the right mouse button and select the context menu item "Reload Image in original quality."

technology Opera Turbo will help you enjoy surfing the Internet, even with a slow connection .And if you prefer a different browser, it is not necessary to give it up: just install the Opera browser as an extra and use it when the internet connection is poor.

Why do I need treatment Opera Turbo?