How to install the codecs? Many computer users are faced with the fact that downloading a movie, they can not see it - the system maintains that to play it lacks the correct ones.What codecs, what are the codecs, how to install codecs - all of these questions will answer the Soviet Union.

feature multimedia files (audio, video) that they have a high resolution.This complicates the exchange of such files and their distribution - video more "weight" zapishesh not just drive or USB flash drive.To file "weigh" less, but the quality will remain almost the same, using special programs to compress multimedia files - codecs. codec encodes (compresses) the audio or video file and decode it during playback.

If you are playing a file, an error occurs and the computer asks you to install the codecs - this means that the system does not codecs, with which it was encoded this file format.Codecs do not work alone, but in conjunction with media players. codecs installed on their own will not be able to play the file.Therefore, not enough to

install the codecs you need to install the player for multimedia files.Some players already have built-in codecs.

Audio and video files encoded by different codecs.Most often, the codec of a media file can be found by looking at the file extension.The most common audio codecs - MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and others. From video codecs popular AVI, DivX, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, H.261 (263, 264)and others.

Of course, this is only the most popular codecs, actually there are many more.It is best to first install the codecs that you most likely will need to play the most popular file formats.A set codecs specific nature (eg FLAC or APE codecs for playback of audio lossless-compressed lossless), you always have time.

Before installing codecs, check which of them are already installed on your system - installation of codecs "on top" has stopped versions may be ineffective. To view a list of installed codecs operating system Windows XP, click "Start" .In the menu, select "Control Panel" .In Control Panel, click System we need.In the "System Properties" need to open the tab "equipment" , there will be a button "Device Manager" .In the window you will see a list of devices you need the item "Sound video and game controllers" .Clicking on the plus sign next to the item you open it.In the list you need to select "Audio Codecs" / "Video Codecs" .In the dialog box "Properties: Audio Codecs" / "Properties: Video codecs" tab "Properties" .In the window you can see a list of audio or video codecs installed on your system.

What if you needed codec on the list was not there?You will have to install codecs yourself .Often, when an error file playback multimedia player offers found on the Internet, download and install the codec.But usually attempt to go to the proposed link and download a particular codec is not crowned with success.Therefore, the easiest way to install codecs - is download a codec pack.

codec packs contain the most popular and common codecs. Installation of codecs package is as simple as installing most programs.Before you install the codec, it is desirable to remove the previously installed codecs and codec packs.While some packages codecs allow not to do so, it is better to err - different versions of the codecs can conflict with each other.Installation of codecs package allows both to set the whole package at once (unless you know exactly what codec you need), or to install some codecs separately.

most popular codec packs - is K-Lite Codec Pack, XP Codec Pack, Codec Pack All in 1, K-Lite Mega Codec, The Codecs, Vista Codec Package, Nimo Codec Pack, Gordian Knot Codec Pack, etc.. Sometimes, after installing the codecs from the pack requires a reboot of the system - do it, if the program installer prompts you to restart the system after the installation of codecs.

Such players , as, for example, Light Alloy, KMPlayer, VLC, and some others have an impressive array of built-in codecs, which is enough to play most multimedia files.

Please note that codec is not used as a normal program. install the codec, you will not see a shortcut on the desktop, it does not need to run separately.The media player will find himself in the necessary codec to play the video or audio file.

hope that now the question "How to install the codecs?" you will not have, and you'll have no problems to play files encoded in any audio or video codec.

How to install the codecs?