Bootable USB drive Ubuntu: how to create? Despite the fact that Microsoft Windows is still the most popular operating system, more and more people want to at least a glimpse of free alternatives, for example, Linux Ubuntu.But to establish a system for reference only do not want to.In this case, it helps bootable flash drive Ubuntu .

boot flash ( Live USB ) - it is a USB flash drive that contains the operating system with the ability to boot.This allows you to get acquainted with the operating system without installing it on your computer hard drive.If you have a bootable flash drive Ubuntu, you simply plug it into USB-port, choose in the BIOS to boot from USB, and - voila!- You can get acquainted with the new system.Naturally loaded with Live USB system curtailed opportunities compared to the system installed on the hard disk.But for this initial introduction is enough.

As an alternative, you can use Live USB LiveCD - a boot disk.Many people prefer it because creating a bootable disk is much easier than creating a bootable USB drive.You just

need to burn the ISO-image on the "pig" or order a free CD with the operating system in the mail.But bootable flash drive Ubuntu, unlike disk can store created during operation data.Besides, system boot speed with flash faster than from disk (although slower than from the hard drive).

Thus, the main difficulty lies in wait for you if you want to boot Linux Ubuntu from a USB drive - is to create a Live USB.To do this you need special software, for example, Linux Live USB Creator (or just LiLi ).This program is convenient and easy, with an intuitive interface (by the way, the Russian-speaking).Where can I get this program and how to create a bootable USB flash drive with the help of Ubuntu?

LiLi program is free, it can be easily downloaded from the official site, the size of the distribution - only 4.5 MB.Download the installation file, run it by double-clicking the mouse and install the program.Running LiLi, you will see the five-point step for creating a bootable flash drive .Beside each item is an icon of a traffic light: if you have not made the necessary adjustments, the red color, and when all the settings are made, the green.

To begin, insert the flash drive into the port, and then the first paragraph correct media type .Note that the file system the stick must be FAT32.In the second step you need to select the location of the image LiveCD - a bootable disk on which to create a bootable flash drive Ubuntu.You have three options:

  • specify the location of the ISO-disk image on the hard drive;
  • LiveCD inserted into the drive and specify it as the source;
  • download a disk image directly from the program.

If you choose the latter option, you will need to choose from a list of the operating system (the program supports not only Ubuntu, but and Fedora, Mandriva, Linux Mint and many other Linux distributions) and download mode - automatic or manual.

next step - Setting the persistence .This feature allows you to save made during the operating system changes to the configuration file.This means that the created files and folders, some installed programs will remain in place and you do not have to create / reinstall them after the next boot from a flash drive.However, this feature does not allow the driver to install and update the system kernel.

In the third step you can specify the file size settings .Maximum size - 4 GB (do not allow the possibility of file system FAT32).But superficial familiarity with the system you have enough roof and 300 MB.

next stage - infusion of additional options .The first option - to hide the files created by the program.The second - in formatting the flash drive FAT32 (if the flash drive is not formatted to the file system, the program will do it, but keep in mind that all of the recorded data on the stick will be lost).Third - the ability to run Live USB on Windows, without rebooting.The program is downloaded from the Internet portable-version of a virtual machine VirtualBox, which will be loaded automatically when you connect the stick.

tick the options you want, click the lightning bolt icon in the fifth paragraph.Few expectations - and your bootable flash drive Ubuntu ready !As you can see, nothing complicated in creating a Linux Live USB not.

Bootable USB drive Ubuntu: how to create?