How to handle your digital photos? To a digital image, such as a photo, can be used, for example, for web design, you need to process this image.Surely many famous "monster" among graphic editors - a package Adobe Photoshop.But this software is not free, and not everyone can afford.There is a worthy alternative - free image editors.


This free editing software was designed for systems Linux, but is now widespread and the product version for Windows.GIMP functionality is not inferior to the famous Photoshop.In GIMP, it is possible to work with filters, adjustment of levels, curves, hue and saturation of images, color balance, etc.GIMP supports a large number of formats, including PSD, although it works with this format other than Photoshop.GIMP supports a multilingual interface.


Unlike his nearest kinsman, Standard Paint, Paint.NET editor has far more opportunities, while remaining very compact.The functionality includes the possibility of Paint.NET for drawing and image processing.The program supports a variety of fil

ters such as blur or removing "red-eye", working with layers.But due to the fact that the software has its own format, which is "not understand" the other editors, hampered export images.We have to convert the processed images to other formats, thus losing all formatting elements.In modern versions of Paint.NET adds support for PSD format and some useful plug-ins.

Image Analyzer

This free editing software is perfect just for image analysis.In the editor, there are some useful features like jpeg filter (designed to combat artifacts compression format jpg), and adaptive noise reduction (noise suppression).There is also a function to automatically adjust the color balance of black and white, the function for removing the "red eye."It works with layers.

This free software is well suited for simple image processing and creative experimentation.


program PhotoFiltre is free and very compact.The special features of PhotoFiltre should include a special tool, image explorer, which allows you to quickly and easily select images from folders and supports multiple images simultaneously.The program supports only the RGB color mode, and indexed color.Fans stylize your photos "antique» PhotoFiltre allows one touch to get this effect.Without additional adjustments PhotoFiltre also does well in black and white color image.The program includes a variety of filters, including a special filter to create frames.In PhotoFiltre has a special module PhotoMasque, which lets you use the prepared mask patterns to create effects translucent edges on images.

course, software products described herein are not limited to a list of free image editors.And let their functionality and something not up to the luxury of paid counterparts, but they allow you to quickly, easily and, most importantly, free of charge, to process images for web design!

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