How to make a screenshot? Many PC users are interested in: how to make a screenshot ?Screenshot (screenshot) - it is literally "screen shot", which may be required for various demonstration and presentation videos, lessons, etc.Take a screenshot in several ways.

a screenshot can be as a standard operating system, in particular, Windows, or using special tools, applications.For example, it is very easy to make a screenshot in Microsoft Windows, using the button «Print Screen» , which is present in all modern keyboards.

Take a screenshot by pressing the «Print Screen» as follows. When the screen displays the correct image for the "picture", ieopen necessary windows, programs, etc., you need to click «Print Screen».After this, a "snapshot" of the screen gets to the clipboard Windows.

followed by open an existing editing - standard or optional installed - and create a new document with dimensions equal to the size of the monitor screen (in pixels or millimeters, centimeters).It remains only to paste from the clipboard previo

usly obtained image and save the document.

So you can take a screenshot of the entire screen area. If necessary, for example, do skinshot active window, use the key combination «Print Screen» and «Alt». stored image of the screen is also placed on the clipboard, and working with it is similar to the method described above.

In cases where you need to take a screenshot of a specific area, the window to the aid of special programs. For example, known are free programs like Magic Screenshot, PrtScr, Simple Screenshot and others. These programs provide the user with ample opportunity to allocate areas for "Images", edited screenshots, etc.

How to make a screenshot of the video? If you want to make a screenshot of the video that is playing at the moment, you can use the key combination PrintScreen + Alt when the Player window is active.Make a screenshot of the video also allow the possibility of virtually all popular applications for video playback.

example, popular video player Media Player Classic allows you to take a screenshot of the video so .It should start playing the desired video file and press the "pause» (Pause) at the right time playback.Then you should enter the menu «File» (File) and find the item "Save Image» (Save Image).Next, the resulting image format .bmp or .jpg (your choice), you can work as with any other image.

This player also offers another interesting way of creating screenshots. a screenshot of several video frames, you can use the option "Save miniatures» (Save Thumbnails).You can adjust the number of thumbnails on a single screenshot, changing the number of columns / rows, the width of the generated image.

How to make a screenshot?