How to install ICQ? ICQ («ICQ") - is a popular client for instant text messages online.In order to communicate in "ICQ" you need to install special client software.Land of the Soviets tell fans online communication how to install ICQ .

«Aska" not only send instant messages and chat with users from around the world in the mode of personal chat and share files, and even play games.

before installing ICQ need to download the installation file .If you type in a search engine query "download ICQ», in search results, you will see a huge number of sites that offer to download ICQ client.But if all sites are trustworthy?On the part of the site you are asked to send an SMS to a short number to access the file.And some with the installation file (or instead) could slip a virus.

Therefore only need to download ICQ from the official website .This program is free, so that you do not ask for money or for downloading, nor for the use of the program.So you can safely go to the official website application - it you will im

mediately see the big yellow button that says "Download ICQ».Click on it.The browser will prompt you to save the file.You can save the installation file to any convenient location for you.

So you hit the file.It is now set ICQ?To do this, double-click the left mouse button to start the installation file .Installation window opens.There will need to choose the language (default is likely to be Russian, so I did not have) and a folder to install the program.Usually "ICQ" creates its own folder in Program Files, so that here, too, do not have to change anything.Next you need to read the license agreement (well, or at least to pretend that you read it) and click "I agree".

How to install ICQ?

opens a window for selecting installation options ICQ.You have two options - to select a full install ICQ, or customize the installation to your liking.If you choose the first option, after you install ICQ shortcut will be placed on the desktop and in the Quick Launch toolbar and the program will start immediately after installation.In addition, the installation program will touch your will be set as your home page, the search engine - as the default search engine, and will be installed on the browser toolbar

So if you just want to install ICQ without all the "bells and whistles", you need to choose the second option - setup installer - and uncheck the options you do not need.Then click on "Install".Start installation of which can take several minutes.During installation, if you open the browser, you may be asked to close and reopen it - otherwise the program will not be able to install the toolbar and customize the home page and default search engine.Close your browser and click OK.

How to install ICQ?

After installation, the installer happily inform you that the program is installed .You only need to click on the "Finish" button.

How to install ICQ?

What should I do now?How to chat?If you have your own account on the system (UIN - Universal identification number, to put it simply - the number of "ICQ"), you can log into your account using your ICQ number and password, and start talking.If you are new to this program, you have to register in ICQ .For information on how to do this, we will tell you in one of our next articles.

How to install ICQ?