How to delete history in Skype? If you're using Skype, you may need to delete the history of correspondence.Let's say you broke up with your loved one and do not want anything to remind you of it.So, how to remove history on Skype ?

history messages stored in your local profile Skype on a computer that is actually installed.But in order to delete the history on Skype, not necessarily to go into the local profile - you can use the standard tools of the program.

To do this, click Tools select Settings .Click the Security tab .Under the inscription Store history you will see a button Clear history .Press this button, and in the window that opens, click on the confirmation button Remove .If you do not want the story of your correspondence on Skype maintained, in the drop down list under Store history select Discard and click Save bottom.

But the major drawback of this method is that it does not allow delete history on Skype for the individual contact : deleted correspondence history with absolutely all contacts.What if

you need to remove the message history for any single contact, and leave the rest of the story intact?Here regular means Skype will not work, will have to contact the help of third-party programs.

utility Skype chat helper , written by independent developers, allows you to delete the history of communications with individual contacts.First you need to download and install the program on your computer (please note that for the installation of Skype chat helper requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5).

Before deleting the history of correspondence, to copy or save a contact name and correspondence that you want to delete, and close Skype.Then you need to create a backup your local profile Skype , so you can easily retrieve the information if something goes wrong.

to go to your local profile Skype , you need to go to the following address:

  • C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Application Data \ Skype \ Skype_username \ (for Windows XP)
  • C: \ Users \ Username\ AppData \ Roaming \ Skype \ Skype_username \ (for Windows Vista or 7)

where Username - your user name in the system, a Skype_username - your user name Skype.

Do not forget to show hidden files and folders , otherwise you find the desired folder will fail.You can find the folder with your Skype profile local and different.Click Start, click Run (or use the key combination Win + R).In the window that opens, enter% APPDATA% \ Skype and click OK.

Copy the folder somewhere with your profile , in the event that it was possible to return it to the place intact.Make a backup copy, you can run the program Skype chat helper.

program window in the Username field to choose your login Skype, and in the field to write Contact Skype username of the user, correspondence to which you want to delete.Click Remove chat history, to begin the removal.When the removal is complete, launch Skype and check whether it was possible to delete history in Skype. Note that the program Skype chat helper may not work on Windows 7 .

You can also try to delete the history on Skype with the help of the program SkHistory .To run this program, you must first install Adobe Air Runtime.By default, the program runs in English, to switch to Russian need in the Language menu at the top of the program window to select the appropriate option.

In the program there are a few points .The first paragraph of the app itself will find a folder with your local profile Skype.In the second to choose your Skype account and click Select Account.You also need to click Backup (especially if you have not done this manually).

The third paragraph in the contact list, scroll to the desired contact and press the button at the bottom of the list.They will show you the history of correspondence with the contact.You can delete the entire conversation or only individual entries, and export logs file format TXT or HTML.

How to delete history in Skype?