Check the spelling of your browser Literacy statement when writing emails, messages, various articles - this is one of the most important aspects of e-mails.Although the observance of grammatical rules when communicating on the Internet may seem odd to many, spell check your browser helps you find grammatical errors and correct them.

Spell check is carried out in a browser using the built-in modules or special test extensions - plug-ins. Thus, in modern versions of Firefox and Opera spell check built directly into the browser.To check the spelling in your browser Internet Explorer 7 uses the plugin IE7pro.

Spellcheck browser Firefox

Spellcheck in Firefox as follows. Since scanning module is already included in the browser to work with this unit is only necessary to install the dictionary language for text input.By default, the browser is set spell check only English.

To set the desired language Dictionary , should right-click context menu of the browser.Attention!The mouse cursor should be at the same time is in the text box we

b page!

In the context menu, select the "Check spelling" and activate it (the active spell checking denoted with a checkmark).This is followed by re-open the context menu and select the list that appears select "Languages" item "Add Dictionary".

After clicking on the menu item "Add to Dictionary" user to the page setup dictionaries and localization for Firefox.The list of languages ​​should select and install it using the link "Install Dictionary".In the opened window by pressing the link, press the button "Add to Firefox».The following is the standard procedure for installing add-ons for the browser Firefox.

Note that the default spell-checking in Firefox is only for multi-line text fields. To check spelling in your browser automatically performed for single-line text fields , follow these steps.

In the address bar of a new window or a new browser tab enter « about: config » - opens a window for editing the settings of your browser.Then select the setting « layout.spellcheckDefault » and change its value to « 2 ».Reload the browser to apply the settings.

Spellcheck browser Opera

Spell Check in Opera 10 is activated in a similar way. Place the mouse cursor into the text field, you must right-click context menu item and activate the "Check spelling as you type."Then select the "Add / remove dictionaries" in the context menu.

Noting required dictionaries tick, you must download the dictionary to your browser.After that, it remains to choose the language of the spelling checker used by default.

Spellcheck browser Intenet Explorer

In Intenet Explorer 7 browser, spell checker suitable plug IE7pro. This plugin module is present check - Spell Check.After loading the plug-in to your local computer and install it, configure spelling checker.

To activate the spelling checker, you must go into the settings and set the plug IE7pro in paragraph «Modules» tick module «Spell checker».After saving the settings, spell checking in Internet Explorer will be performed automatically for multi-line text fields. To check spelling for single text fields , should the browser context menu and select «Spell check this field».

To add additional language spell checker dictionaries can be downloaded from the site required need to copy the folder C: \ Program Files \ IE7Pro \ spelldic, and then restart the browser Internet Explorer.

Check the spelling of your browser