How to register with ICQ? Now you have set "ICQ" and crave online with friends.But first you need to register in the system and go to the program under your login and password. How to register with ICQ? Read on Land of the Soviets!

up in ICQ possible in two ways - through the program itself, and through the official website .To register with ICQ through the client, you need to run the program, double clicking the left mouse on the icon kpopkoy program in the form of a flower on the desktop.The login window opens in the program.You need to enter your room "ICQ" (universal identification number, UIN) and password.If you have not registered, neither the one nor the other you have, of course, not.Therefore, you need to click on the link "Newbie?Sign up ».

How to register with ICQ?

registration window opens , in which you will need to enter your personal data.To successfully register in ICQ, you need to fill in all fields completely.Please enter your name.Do not be afraid to "light up" - no one will compare the typed name you real passport data.You can u

se a pseudonym.The length of name is limited to 20 characters.

then select from the drop down list of your floor.Then enter the e-mail address to which will be tied to your account ICQ.In the future it can be used for authentication instead of UIN, if you ever forget your number, "ICQ".In addition, by using e-mail, you can, if necessary, recover a forgotten password .And your friends can find you in the "ICQ" to your email address.

Then enter the password to enter the program.It must be quite difficult, so no one can hack into your account and send spam on your behalf.For information on how to choose a strong password is enough, we have already mentioned in our article on the safety of the Internet.But the system will not allow you to choose a too simple password. ICQ requires the following password :

  • it should consist of 6-8 characters;
  • it should be large and small letters and numbers;
  • it should not be the same as your name, last name or nickname.

Then you will be asked to enter the password again to confirm the password, and avoid errors when typing it.After entering your password, select from the dropdown list the date of birth - day, month and year.After this, you will need to enter the numbers drawn in the picture - the so-called captcha .It is necessary to confirm that you are not a robot, but a man.If you can not see the numbers, then click on "Update" to the right of the picture.

How to register with ICQ?

indicate all personal data, click OK.A window will open prompting you to confirm your account .A confirmation has been sent to the email address specified for your registration.Now you need to go to the mailbox and read this letter - you can from your browser, and you can simply click on the link in the registration window.

How to register with ICQ?

The letter will be a link that you must click to confirm your registration.Click on it.Registration is completed!Now you can log in ICQ, using your email address and password.To learn UIN, assigned to you system , press the "Menu" and select "Profile".Open your personal profile, which in addition to the other information will be listed your number ICQ.Later you can use to log in to the system instead of e-mail and give to friends, so they make it easier to find you in the "ICQ".

In order to register with the ICQ through the official website , go to it (the site address - and click on the link "Registration in ICQ» in the upper right corner of the site.This opens the registration window.Further, the registration procedure is identical to the registration through the client.

Happy talking!

How to register with ICQ?