How to Remove Google Chrome? Sometimes the only way to deal with the "bugs" the browser Google Chrome, associated with failures in the installation process - it is to remove it from the computer and reinstall.But it so happens that the program is not removed completely, leaving the "tails" in the registry, and then reinstall the problem returned. How to remove Google Chrome correct ?

For starters, you can try to remove the Google Chrome standard way , running any program in Windows.To do this, open the Start menu, select All Programs, then - Google Chrome and Delete Google Chrome.Or, go to the Control Panel (Start - Control Panel), select Add or Remove Programs (for Windows 7 - Programs and Features), select Google Chrome and click the Remove button.

In the window Check the box "Also delete the data on the work in the browser?" If you want remove your user profile with all its settings, bookmarks, and history of visits .Click Remove.After that, begin the process of removal.Note that if Google Chrome has been installed at the syst

em level (for all users), you need to remove it by logging in to an account with administrator privileges.In this case, the browser will be removed for all users.

If the standard method to remove the Google Chrome fails, you can try to do it manually. Note that this method involves making changes to the registry Windows .So if you are not sure that you can do everything right - better not grasp or even make a backup copy of the registry before you remove Google Chrome.

To back up the Registry Windows XP , you need to perform these actions:

  • Start - Run, in the text field, enter the command% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ restore \ rstrui.exe, click OK;
  • In the System Restore select the "Create a restore point," click Next;
  • In the Create a restore point to enter the name of the restore point, click Create;
  • At the end of creation, press Close.

If something goes wrong, you will need to make a system rollback until you have created a restore point.

To backup the registry in Windows 7 need to do the following:

  • Start - Run, in the text field, type the command regedit, click OK;
  • Select a section or sub-section, the backup you want to create;
  • the File menu, select Export.
  • menu, choose Folder backup location, in the File Name box, enter a name for the backup.
  • Click Save.

If something goes wrong, you will need to go to the Registry Editor, instead select item Export Import and select the window that opens the backup file.

Now you are ready to remove the Google Chrome.Before removing, make sure operating system included the mapping of file extensions .To do this, go to Control Panel, select Folder Options (Folder Options to Windows 7), in the window that opens, click the View tab and uncheck the box next to "Hide extensions for known file types" if it's worth it.Click OK.

Now you need to right click on this link, select "Save Link As" and save the file named remove.reg (drop-down list "File type" select "All Files").Then close all browser windows, and Google Chrome run by double-clicking the downloaded file.A confirmation window opens, it is necessary to click the Yes button (Start), and then - OK.

Then you need to open the Start menu and select Run.Depending on which version of Windows you use, you need to enter in the text field of the teams listed below :

  • For Windows XP:% USERPROFILE% \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Google
  • For Windows Vista/ 7:% LOCALAPPDATA% \ Google

opens the catalog, in which you want to delete the folder Chrome .Congratulations, you've got to completely remove Google Chrome from your computer!

How to Remove Google Chrome?