How to install QIP? ICQ - not only software for instant messaging.There are a number of alternative web messengers with similar functionality.Today we will tell you, how to install QIP - one of the most popular alternatives to "ICQ".

QIP - an abbreviation of "Quiet Internet Pager" (quiet Internet pager).Now available are two versions of QIP - QIP 2010 and QIP Infium.Functionality of the program in many ways similar to the functionality ICQ, QIP but many feel more comfortable because of it available in additional "chips."But it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.You can set the QIP and compare it with the usual "ICQ".This program is free, so if you suddenly do not like it - without regret can remove it from your computer.

Before installing QIP, you need to download it.We recommend that you download distribution program only from the official site , that was not you on some warez portal slipped "pig in a poke", but still with the virus.So, to set the QIP, please visit the right you will see a big

red button that says "Download QIP┬╗.Click on it - will open the download page.

There you will be prompted to download QIP 2010 in one of the formats - .exe, .rar or .zip.In principle, you can choose any format - the difference in the "weight" they insignificant.But note that if you download or rar- zip-archive, then before you install QIP, you will have this file "unpack".After selecting a format, click on the link and save the installation file in any convenient location for you.

Then run the installation file by double click.First of all open language selection window installation (the default language - Russian).After selecting a language from the drop-down list, click the OK button.

How to install QIP?

opens installation wizard standard text for many programs.Feel free to click on the "Next" button.

How to install QIP?

Now before you configuration window installation .In it you can select the folder in which you want to install QIP (by default, the program creates its own folder in the System folder Program Files).You can choose between full and custom installation.When full installation on your computer will be installed:

  • the program itself;
  • browser extension for authorization for services QIP;
  • will be set as the home page the default browser;
  • search will be set as the default search engine.

If you just need to install the software, select Custom installation and uncheck unneeded options and click "Next".

How to install QIP?

begin the installation process .It may take several minutes.

How to install QIP?

When the installation process is complete, you will be prompted to complete the installation.In the window you can further customize several parameters, in particular, select skin (external design software).You can choose from two skins - the standard skins or QIP 2010 QIP Infium.

You can also configure advanced settings : Create a folder with shortcuts in the "Start" menu, create a shortcut on the desktop and the creation of an icon on the Quick Launch bar.Remove / place a checkmark in the corresponding options.

If you want run after installation, you need to tick the option "Start QIP 2010".Click on the button "Finish".Installation QIP is complete!

How to install QIP?

Next offers select a folder to store profile data .You will be able to choose between the application folder to your user folder or the program (in this case, your user must have administrative rights).

Then you will be asked to sign in .If you are registered in ICQ, you can log in with your username and password.Additionally, you can log in with an account Mail.Ru, Google Talk, VKontakte, Yandex.Online, XMPP (Jabber) or Facebook.In these cases, QIP account will be created automatically, but you can register it manually.

How to install QIP?

That's it!As you can see, quite simply install QIP. Talk to your health!

How to install QIP?