Cleaning Windows Registry to store settings and parameters of the Windows operating system uses the so-called registry - hierarchical database.The more programs you bet, and remove, the more you "exploit" its system, the more likely that you will sooner or later need to clean up your registry Windows .

First, let's understand, that represents the registry , how it works, and why from time to time need to clean the registry Windows.The registry stores information and settings for the "iron" (hardware) and "software" (software), user profiles, presets.The register is fixed almost all the changes made to the system.

The more you change the setting, the more programs are installed and removed (especially with respect to the trial versions of the software), the greater the scope of the register .And part of the registry entries that appear in the use of the system "in the tail and mane" are unnecessary, wrong.As a result, the system begins to "slow down."In this case, you need a clean registry Windows.

How is cleaning the registr

y Windows?There are two options - Cleaning the registry manually or by using special software (utilities).For manual cleaning of the registry use built-in utility, Registry Editor - regedit.Outset that manual cleaning - not the best option.Why is that?

First, you need to very well versed in the and know exactly what to remove.If you accidentally or unknowingly delete the wrong key, the system may stop working and will need repair or even complete to reinstall Windows.

Secondly, when you remove the key manually, they only marked as deleted , but not completely removed.It's like removing the file to the trash - as if you deleted it, but it still takes up disk space.So register fewer still does not become.

If you need a secure registry cleaning Windows, you should use special tools .They help to remove from the registry unnecessary and erroneous entries in the automatic mode, to clear it of "garbage" and reduce its volume.But the choice of a program to clean the registry must be approached responsibly.

The fact that the "range" of such programs is wide: here you are paid programs, and free and simple program with a minimum of setup, and "monsters", which at first sight difficult to understand.If you choose from all this diversity at random "at random", you can stumble on fraudulent program , which is not really clean the registry, and spread viruses.

you do not have to choose a cat in a bag, we'll tell you about a few free program for cleaning the registry .We remind you that the download such programs are best from the official websites to make sure that you shake it installation file.


CCleaner - one of the most popular programs for cleaning the registry and not only.Registry Cleaner Windows - only one of the functions of this utility.CCleaner can also be used to clean up temporary files browsers, managing a system restore point and startup programs, uninstall programs and system optimization.This program is considered to be quite effective and the majority of positive reviews about it.

Red Button

Red Button - another free program for cleaning the registry.It is quite easy to use.Key features of the program - is the cleaning drive of unnecessary files, cleaning the registry Windows, removing built-in components of Windows, system performance tuning.But the program does not allow you to backup in case of failure.


advantage of this program is that it does not require installation - you simply download the file and run it. Regseeker allows you to quickly scan the registry for invalid entries and remove them automatically or manually.Each entry is accompanied by a commentary found, from which you can understand why a registry key must be removed.

But remember that cleaning the registry Windows - not a panacea.Do not expect that after that your computer will immediately start to "fly."And abuse is not worth it - too frequent manipulation of the registry system, the benefit will not go .

Cleaning Windows Registry