How to remove Avast! antivirus software Avast!- One of the most popular among PC users.Its advantages are that it is a free version is very functional and perfectly protects your computer from virus attacks.But very often people become dissatisfied with her work and decided to remove it.And you know, how to remove Avast!a computer ?

Antivirus programs currently play the most important role in protecting your computer .Using the Internet without antivirus is simply unrealistic, because any time you can pick up a virus that every day more and more to get into the operating system and damage it.Some viruses can be very long in the system undetected.Damage to the file - this is the lesser of two evils, that can make viruses.

But, as it turns out, the antivirus Avast!not always catch all viruses .Therefore, before PC users there is a question: how to remove Avast!from your computer?The fact that this program has a built-in self-protection mode of removal.This mode is designed to prevent inexperienced users accidentally delete

Antivirus from your computer.Since

Remove Antivirus Avast !?Everything is very simple. First you need to check off whether self-defense against removal from the computer .To do this, right-click the antivirus icon in the lower right corner of the screen.You will see a menu where you can choose "tinctures program."

In the settings Avast!scroll to "search failure" and click on it.To the right you will see a list of the various options that you can activate .You will need to select "Disable protection module Avast!ยป.Click OK.Not all versions of antivirus Avast!automatically include self-defense, so this test is just to make sure you could easily remove the program.

After the self-protection is disabled, you can proceed directly to the removal of the anti-virus .You can do this using the "Add or Remove Programs" on the control panel computer.The developers recommend the removal of anti-virus software only while in "safe mode" of the computer.Therefore, restart your computer.Until that moment, he begins to load Windows, you should press F8.Use the arrow keys to select "Load in safe mode."

now by using the "Add or Remove Programs" can delete antivirus .To permanently remove a program from the computer system and all other files that any program leaves behind, then restart your computer.Now you can boot Windows normally.

Antivirus Avast!You can not just remove the control panel computer. for easy and quick removal of the program can also use a special utility .

Naturally, you do not leave your computer without anti-virus, so I can also put any other virus protection program .But it often happens that another antivirus is not installed on your computer and requests to delete the previous program.The fact that the new anti-virus can be found in the folder on the drive with the old files of the program Avast !.Therefore, to completely remove them from your computer, go to the folder on the C drive, which was installed antivirus software and delete them manually.To be safe, you can check the register by any registry cleaning program.Most popular - is TuneUp Utilities.

Now you can without any problem to put a new antivirus program .If the new anti-virus you do not like, you can always re-install Avast!on your computer.In front of this sure to remove the old antivirus.The process of removing it is not much different from the described method uninstall Avast !.

We hope that these tips will be useful, and now you know how to uninstall Avast!from the computer.

How to remove Avast!