Free counterparts programs Licensed software often is not cheap - not everyone has the opportunity to buy a license, with a clear conscience to install on your computer the necessary programs.Fortunately, in most cases there free analogues programs , for which we are used to paying.So it is quite possible to get the desired functionality without paying money and without breaking the law.

Free software (freeware) are analogues of the programs to which we have long been accustomed to.They just do not "unwound", as commercial software, so we often do not even suspect that there are free equivalents Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and other well-known commercial applications.Land of the Soviets will talk about a few free analogue commercial software.

Let's start with office programs .We can not imagine life without a text editor Word: essays, term papers, diplomas, articles, working papers, reports - all this is created in a text editor.Did you know that there are free equivalents of programs included in the office suite Microsoft O


Perhaps the most famous free alternative to Microsoft Office is OpenOffice.This package includes six programs: a word processor, a spreadsheet, a program to create and display presentations, vector editor, database management system and a program for creating and editing formulas. interface and functionality of OpenOffice very similar to the interface and functionality of Microsoft Office, so that problems in the use of this program should arise.Despite the fact that OpenOffice works with its own file format - ODT (Open Text Document), it can easily open and edit the usual formats and even DOC DOCX.

office suite LibreOffice - a fork (fork) by LibreOffice.It also includes analogs of the programs in the office suite from Microsoft.In fact, the main components of LibreOffice duplicate components of its "parent» OpenOffice.Another alternative to commercial text editors can be AbiWord .However, this is not an office suite, ie text editor, so that Excel, and PowerPoint will not replace it.

Are there any free programs analogs for imaging ?Of course there are.We have made an overview of free graphics editor for working with raster images.If your area of ​​activity is not associated with the design, photography and so on, then you do not need Photoshop, you still will not use most of its functions.A capacity GIMP or Paint.NET you enough, they say, "with a roof."However, if you are accustomed to the interface of Photoshop, you may need time to get used to free online, but not really that much they differ.

There are also free equivalents programs for vector images .If you are unable to acquire a license for CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, you can try them free analogues.On one of these programs, Inkscape, we have already mentioned.There is still the editor Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition .However, it is available in two versions - paid and free.Free version is limited in functionality, but to use it to register on the program's website.A free vector editor Aivary Raven does not require installation - it is completely online.

Sometimes big companies do offer free analogues programs developed by them .For example, everyone knows the Adobe Acrobat for working with PDF documents.This software is a commercial, paid.But if you do not need all of the extensive functionality of "Acrobat", it can do it free analogue of the same developer - Adobe Reader .It allows you to read and print PDF documents.Editing it, though, there is, but if it is, and so you do not need - why pay more?In addition to Adobe Reader for PDF documents can be used Foxit Reader , it has a smaller volume, undemanding to resources and higher speed.

As you can see, free analogue (not one) exists for almost any popular program .Of course, if you are dealing with work with images, video, sound, etc., functional freeware applications you may not be enough - but in professional activities is not a sin and invest some money, then they will still pay off.And most casual users may well do free software: install the free program - you can sleep soundly.

Free counterparts programs