Where to store passwords? At the moment, it is impossible to imagine any one computer that is not connected to the Internet.Each has several mailboxes, personal pages in social networks, and accounts for many other sites.And among all this variety of sites must always remember all the usernames and passwords that have to be used.Therefore, it is logical to ask a simple question: where to store passwords ?

To ensure maximum security of data users has developed a system login and password .After all, there is always a very high risk that your account would want to take advantage of any fraud.But even the use of a password does not always give the opportunity to fully protect itself against attempts to hack your account scam.That has to come up with a variety of intricate passwords that you can use to protect their data.

But many do not know, create a password so that it was difficult to crack .Therefore, use the most simple words for passwords.And the fact that the use of numbers and various punctuation makes passwords very dif

ficult to break, not all understand.But one thing - to come up with a strong password that you can protect the data on a particular site, such as a mail server.But for different sites recommend the use of distinct passwords to accurately keep all information safe and sound.And now it turns out that passwords invented a lot, but remember them for a long time is not possible.Therefore, many people are interested in where to store passwords?

In principle, do not need to remember passwords for you personally .After storing passwords built into all browsers.Password Manager automatically fills in all the data about the site, which you use certain username and password.But the fact is that password managers in browsers do not meet a certain level of security.

At the moment, there are very many options theft of passwords from browsers .Fraudsters can take advantage of as an extension to the spyware modules, and read passwords from the database.It turns out that a safe place where to store passwords, no.

But not all that bad. developers have written various programs to store passwords .They are there at the moment very much.Their function has always come down to one thing: store information in encrypted form.Here are some of the programs that you can use.

Aurora Password Manager - is a free program for storing passwords.In it you can store not only passwords for different sites, but also the codes that you may need in real life.

Roboform - this is one of the oldest and most well-known programs in which you can store passwords.It is very convenient, because the program can be recorded not only the passwords, but also any other information to fill in certain fields.But the fact that the program Roboform may seem intrusive, because it often determines the fields that do not have to fill.Of course, you can change the settings of the password keeper, but not all use it.

SCARABAY - it is very simple and convenient program that does not get tired of pop-up windows with offers to remember your password.Also, it is not overloaded with different functions, which many do not enjoy.SCARABAY also help you to quickly create a new password, if you just can not come up with your own.

But you can do without the use of software .Where to store the passwords in this case?Many people still use the proven method of recording all the data in a separate notebook.You agree that no hacker gets to your records.If you are tired to find the right password in a notebook, you can enter all the data into a special table in a particular document.This way you can use the search by the document, to quickly find the desired information.As you can see, places to store passwords, there are so many.

But there are places where it is not necessary store passwords .Once registered on a particular site to your mail comes a letter that states your data.Do not store such messages, and immediately delete them.Also, it does not recommend that you save on your phone text messages, which can also be password.You never know who may fall into the hands of your phone.

As you can see ways to keep passwords, very much. Select the most suitable place to store passwords , so you can always find the information you need.

Where to store passwords?