How to make a video tutorial? If you can do something better than anyone else, if you have extensive practical experience in any field, then why not share your undoubtedly useful knowledge and skills with others?To do this, you can record your own video tutorial .

Video lessons are designed to demonstrate any process.It is through video tutorials easiest to explain and demonstrate how to perform a particular stage of the work process.

To record a video tutorial on needlework, repair apartments, makeup, hair, and so on. D. Enough to have on hand an ordinary camcorder and write on it all the necessary steps of the lesson.

But there are also a number of video tutorials on the use of various computer programs, web services.Ordinary camera can not record a lesson ...

Such video tutorials, also called screencast , made using special programs - "Invaders" video monitor screen .

To make screencast , you need just a few basic "ingredients┬╗:

  • proper material for the lesson;
  • special program to capture video from the screen;
  • access to the Internet to spread their video tutorials.

With the first ingredient is clear.To make a video tutorial, you need to prepare all that is needed to showcase : work programs and files.

then you can immediately demonstrate the process of work and comment on it, or it can later "impose" on voice comments recorded video - modern recording software screen are very good opportunities.

Among such programs are both paid and free products.These programs are carried out to capture video from the monitor screen (screen capture), sound recording, support the ability to send instant screencast to popular Internet services and so on. D.

From free programs to record video lessons are the following:

  • CamStudio - support recording formats: avi and svf, sound recording, for use in the operating system Windows;
  • Jing - allows you to shoot video, take screenshots, add text fields and highlight important points with the arrows, rectangles;OS Support Windows, Mac OS X;
  • Wink - to create video screens;It has the ability to add text fields, buttons;Entry formats exe, html, flv, etc .;OS Support Windows, Linux;
  • Webineria - interesting for its function of combining two sources of video recording, for example, screen capture and record from webcam;recording format - avi;supports OS Windows;
  • CaptureFox - special plug-in for your browser FireFox, frame by frame, creating video tutorials, support audio recording;It supports all major operating systems;
  • and others.

Thus, make a video tutorial on their own is not difficult !Set at one of the favorite free software to record video from your screen and create your own video tutorials now!

How to make a video tutorial?