Group the tabs in Firefox 4 Probably every active Internet users encountered the problem of a huge number of tabs in the browser, when at the same time open a few dozen tabs.To understand them is not easy, and does it "suspended."The developers of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser easier for users to decide to work with the open tabs: tabs in Firefox 4 can be grouped .

The latest version of the browser there is a new interface Firefox Panorama .It allows you to group tabs in Firefox 4 by topic or other criteria.Grouping tab, you will be easier to find among them is the one that you need at the moment.

to switch to group tabs, you must click on the tab Sort (it shows the four rectangles of different sizes).By default, it is located at the end of the bookmarks bar.If suddenly the icon is not there, do not worry.In the top menu, scroll to the browser view, select it in the sub toolbar, and in it - Customize.This will open the settings window toolbars.Find it icon, signed by a group of tabs, and simply drag it with the mouse to

the desired panel, then click Done.Instead of a button you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E .

mode grouping tabs (panorama mode) is similar to the desktop surface on which laid eksizy open browser tabs.By default, open tabs in Firefox 4 are assembled into a single group.To create a new group , you just need to drag the mouse to pull the tab out of the total group of the free space, and then drag it to another tab.There is a second way - highlight rectangle empty space (as if you select the files in the "Explorer" or kadriruete image in an image editor).This will create an empty group, which can drag the desired tab.

Tabs can be dragged and dropped from one group to another .Groups themselves can set the name (by default, they can not be called).To do this, click the left mouse button in a field with a pencil in the upper left corner of the group and put in a name, for example, "Work", "humor", "Mail", "Social Networks", etc.

can adjust the size of the group tabs .To do this, move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner.When it becomes a double-sided arrow, hold down the left mouse button and drag by modifying the size of the group of tabs as you want.To move a group of tabs , move the mouse cursor on it.When it turns into a cross with arrows at the ends, hold the left mouse button and drag the group to the desired location.To close the tab group , click on the X in the top right corner of the group.

To open the tab from a group , move your mouse over one of the tabs (it should turn into a hand) and click the left mouse button.All tabs open in the browser, and that the tab on which you clicked, will be active.To return to the panoramic view, and another group of tabs open, use the button again Sort tab, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E.

If you need to quickly find tabs in Firefox 4, use the search in groups of tabs.While in panorama mode, press the Search button (the one with a magnifying glass).Open the search string.Start typing the name of a tab in it, which you need to find.Relevant Search tab will be highlighted in the recruitment process.By the way, not necessarily cause the search string - if you start typing while in the panorama mode, the search will start automatically.

Firefox Panorama - a very convenient option for those who have the browser open several tens or even hundreds of tabs.It allows you to organize your tabs in Firefox 4 .You can be sure - no one tab will not be lost!

Group the tabs in Firefox 4