How to create a movie every gamer wants to boast of their achievements in their favorite game to your friends or just show them on the Internet.How best to do this?You can simply create a movie in which a certain part of the game's story will be written to the music.Land of the Soviets tell, how to make movie .

Creating movie clips begins with instructions on the paper fragments games , you want to use.Of course, you can use one specific fragment that will speed up your work.It is also important to determine the music that will accompany the picture.Music for movie clips should be sufficiently dynamic, as much as possible reflect the dynamics of the game.To create the best effect can be sliced ​​from audio files.It is worth to take into account not only their taste, but also the preferences of others who will watch your movie.Not many want to about 4 minutes to listen to the same music, which is still not very much.After considering all these elements, you can start recording movie.

Now tell how to create a movie .To record movie clips you need not only a game but also a program that will record it.For this purpose, you can use a free program Fraps .Using Fraps will provide an opportunity to record a high quality movie.In addition, this program allows you to define "hot keys" that can be used during the game to start and end of the record.To process audio files can use the program SoundForge.Also, you may need Photoshop, but it is not mandatory.

Now you can start recording movie.Most often gamers interested in Counter-Strike , so his example, consider how to create a movie using Fraps.Including the program, you can immediately go to the server and start the game.To start or stop recording the game, use the "hot key", which you have set Fraps.During recording, movie clip you can see in the upper left corner of the screen numbers that are constantly changing.Do not panic - this is Fraps showing how many frames account for every movement of the character.Fraps can record the movie as much as there is free space on your hard disk.Therefore, it is advisable to install it on disk D. Ideally, to create movie clips connect another SCSI hard drive.Then you can be sure that you have enough space.Mount Fraps can record using any program to create a movie.

There is another way to create a movie .You can make the demo movie without using Fraps.If you do not already have the demo, you need it down.To do this, start the game with the following parameters: cstike.exe -console.During the game introduced to the console team record and sets the name of the demo, for example, xxx.dem.After recording a demo, it should be placed in the folder cstrike.Now you can run the demo and play it in the game.To the computer is not braked, it is recommended to place the minimum resolution: 640x480.Now you can go to the console and enter the command playdemo.Of course, specify the name of the demo you want to play.To start recording a movie clip in the console immediately enter commands startmovie name movie clip that you want to create.The demo version will go a little slow, but do not be afraid - the way it should be.To stop recording a movie clip, type endmovie.

All movie clip will be saved files in a folder Counter-Strike in the form of screenshots , which should be combined into one film.To do this, you can use the program ACDSee.Having started the program, go to the folder where you stored the slides movie clip, select it and convert it into the most appropriate and cost-effective format .jpg.Converted files can be saved with the replacement of old.

These images should be loaded into the program VideoMach , which will deal with the creation of movie.After selecting the options you want the movie clip, press Start and wait for the program to finish processing the image.The created video can at its discretion, to edit and make him cuts for movie.In the finished video movie clip impose an audio file.All your movie is ready.

quality movie clip you created will depend on your skill .Do not make it too long, because the main task of the movie clip - it is of interest to your friends and acquaintances.Now that you know how to create a movie, you can get to work!

How to create a movie