Reading of QR-codes first QR-code came in 2000 in Japan.There, they quickly became popular because everyone can learn in a split second all the information about its product or service.Recently, QR-codes have become quite often used in our country.But still not everyone knows how to read the convoluted code.Let's find out how is reading of QR-codes.

In English abbreviation QR means «quick response», which translates as "quick response."Indeed, small picture with the code embedded a lot of information .Thus, in one code can be encrypted 7089 numbers, 4296 numbers and letters 2953 bytes of binary code and 1817 characters.As you can see, those who invest in the code of any information, is where to turn.But do not forget that algorithms have some custom code, so that the programs are not mistaken reading of QR-codes, was a system error correction Reed-Solomon (RS).Oddly enough, but most of the code matrix system takes it RS.

QR-code recognition occurs through a variety of programs that scan the code and decipher it complet

ely .Since the codes are ubiquitous, developers have written a variety of programs that you can install on your phone.It is also connected with the fact that all phones have a camera which is used for reading programs QR-codes.Of course, using the computer also could perform such an operation, but you must admit that carry with them constantly as a netbook or notebook is not very user-friendly.And with the mobile phone does not leave anybody.

reading of QR-codes can be done manually, but you should have knowledge of encryption of binary code and know exactly where to find information.But to no one to torture, reading QR-code provided various programs for smartphones that operate on the basis of certain OS: A200, Android, Apple iOS, Bada, BlackBerry OS, Java, Maemo, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Windws Phone 7 .

Almost any program for reading of QR-codes as can read more and barcodes , which we used to see on the price tags of goods.But each program has its advantages and disadvantages.Gave an overview of the programs that are available for download on the Internet.

KAYWA Reader - simple and convenient program for the recognition of a QR-code.It is suitable for most operating systems that are installed on mobile phones.However, it has several disadvantages.The fact is that the reading of QR-codes is very slow, and even the program uses a lot of resources.

Nokia barcode reader - a Russian-language program for phones running on the basis of Symbian OS.In this application, there is a huge disadvantage: the reading of QR-codes, which contain a lot of information, lasts long enough.The program also recognizes the very long small size codes.

I-Nigma is considered one of the finest of its kind.For many models of mobile devices there are different versions of the application, and the program itself is characterized by a variety of useful functions.One has only to remember that I-Nigma very long runs.

program QuickMark features a large number of settings that each user can use.But the user interface leaves much to be desired, especially because the application has many menu items to deal with that is not immediately possible.And the Russian language program does not support.

iMatrix works only on the basis of Mobile Mac OS.In this program, there is nothing supernatural, it works fast, is well run, has the usual set of features and a good interface.

There are many programs that can be entrusted with the reading of QR-codes .These programs listed are the most popular.But on the Internet you can find as many more programs that all of it is simply impossible to describe.Of course, many of them have their advantages and disadvantages.But to know which of the programs for reading of QR-codes suits you best, you should install and test each of them.

Reading of QR-codes