The "Scissors" Practically every PC user sooner or later faces the need to make a screenshot (screen capture), for example, to draw some step by step instructions and illustrate the resulting window with the error, consulting forums with computer "guru".If you have Windows 7, you will make a screenshot program "Scissors» .

The "Scissors" - is a default application for Windows 7 (versions Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate).With this program you can make a screenshot screen in Windows 7 and keep it in a graphical format (GIF, JPG, PNG) or as a web page (format HTML), and send it by e-mail.

The "Scissors" is in a category of programs "Standard" to start it, click Start, point to All Programs → Accessories → Scissors. Using the software, you can make a screenshot of how the entire screen, and a single element or window .You can also take a picture element rectangular or freeform.To select the shape of the cut fragment, click on the arrow next to the button "Create" and select from the dropdown list the desired op


The "Scissors" allows you to take pictures automatically collapsing the menu (for example, on 'Start ») .To do this, after you run the program, you need to press Escape.Then open the desired menu and press the key combination Ctrl + PrintScreen.Then select the type of screen capture from the list by clicking the arrow next to the button "Create" and select the desired menu.

The "Scissors" provides the ability to edit the result.Tools « Marker » and « Perot » allow to allocate certain areas of the screenshot and add notes if needed.A tool « Eraser » help remove incorrectly held the line.

tool "Pen", by the way, has several options.In the menu "Tools" select "Pen", then - "Customize."You can choose the color of the pen (all offered in 16 colors), thickness (fine, normal, thick) and type (strikingness pen or stylus with a round tip).To setup the pen to take effect in the menu "Pen" must choose "Custom Pen".

finished editing, you can save file in PNG, GIF, JPG, or MHT, copy it to the clipboard or send an email to .The saved image file can be further processed in a graphics program as you will need.Copy to the clipboard, you can paste the screenshot in a graphical and a text editor.

The "Scissors" has a number of customizable options (they are available in the Tools → Options).Most of them ("Hide text instructions", "Always copy to the clipboard," "suggest keeping the fragments before leaving," "Show delivery screen when the scissors are active"), I think, self-explanatory.

item « Include a URL-address fragments » refers to the screen shots are saved in MHT (MHTML).This means that if you cut the page from the Internet Explorer browser and save it in the format MHT, under the image will be automatically created a link to a page where you cut track (if the corresponding option is enabled).A parameter « Isolation » refers to the contour of the cut piece.The circuit can be switched on or off, and choose for him one of the 16 available colors.

The "Scissors" allows you to quickly and easily make a screenshot of the screen in Windows 7, edit and save in the correct format .Of course, many people prefer to take screenshots of "old-fashioned" button PrintScreen, or use the more "advanced" program with many options.But as one of the many alternatives to the program "Scissors" is quite right to exist.

The "Scissors"