Themes for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Internet users who spend a lot of time on the network, it would be desirable that their browser was not only functional but also beautiful.To change the default appearance of the browser uses special themes (skins). Themes for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 , for example, can be set by a special service - Personas for Firefox .

Thousands of users are looking for on the Internet where to download free themes for Firefox, and do not realize that more than 35 000 (!) In order for the browser collected on the official site Personas for Firefox. the benefits of these is that they :

  • free (as he does);
  • not require download and easy to install;
  • safe (along with the theme you do not slipped virus as fraudulent websites offering download themes for Mozilla Firefox).

To install one of the show off to friends and a new "cloth" of your web browser you will need to go to the official website of the project - is yet available in Russian, but we will tell you how to understand it and learn how to insta

ll themes for Firefox 4.0.

Once logged in, you will be taken to the main page.It will be the choice is not rich - only nine selected themes.To view all threads, you will need to go to the gallery (Gallery button at the top menu of the website).For easy navigation in the gallery on the left are two menus - Browse (by viewing the specific criteria) and Categories (view the categories).

menu Browse have such items:

  • Up & amp;Coming - gaining popularity;
  • Popular - Popular;
  • Just Added - newly added;
  • All Personas - all topics.

Categories menu consists of the following thematic categories so:

  • Abstract - abstract;
  • Causes - motives (individual, country, events, organizations);
  • Fashion - fashion;
  • Film and TV - film and television;
  • Firefox - the browser theme with the logo;
  • Foxkeh - threads mascot (beast-mascot) browser - chanterelles;
  • Holiday - holidays;
  • Music - music;
  • Nature - nature;
  • Other - other topics;
  • Scenery - landscapes;
  • Solid - simple rigorous threads (single color, texture or gradient);
  • Sports - Sports;
  • Websites - sites.

In addition, in the upper right side of the site has a search bar , so that we can try to find a suitable theme for Firefox 4.0 by keyword (but they must be in English).

finding a suitable topic, point to her image mouse.In a nutshell there will be two buttons: Wear It, and Details.Pressing Details redirect you to a page theme with details about it.To install the theme, click the button Wear It .

at the top of your browser window panel appears with the words "This site ( attempted to install a theme" and click Allow .Click on the button - and the theme will be installed.The inscription on the panel changes to the notification "was installed new theme," and there will be two new buttons - Cancel and management topics.If you do not like the look of the theme you selected after the installation, click Cancel .

When pressed management topics you will be redirected to the Appearance tab in the Add-ons Manager browser.Here are stored all the settings you previously theme.Here you can enable, disable, and delete themes for Mozilla Firefox 4.0.Manager is convenient because here you can store your favorite topics so you do not have to look for them each time on the site again.

Additionally, you can create your own themes for Firefox directly on the site.They can be downloaded into a public gallery or use them individually.As you can see, set the themes for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 is very simple - you do not have anything to download and install, and the topics will not cost you a penny!And if you prefer a different browser, you may find useful articles on how to set the theme for the Opera or Google Chrome.

Themes for Mozilla Firefox 4.0