Ubuntu Tweak: tweaker for Ubuntu tweakers considerably facilitate the lives of users, allowing you to customize the system "for themselves.""Range" of such programs for Windows is quite wide for Linux - a little poorer, but still tweaking for Linux exist.Among them - Ubuntu Tweak , first tweaker for Ubuntu.

Generally, any utility-tweaker is designed to fine-tune the software or the operating system as a whole .Tweaker allow you to change settings that are hidden from the user, or simply difficult to access.For Ubuntu, such programs are particularly relevant because many people decided to learn Linux and free software, start with this operating system, but the habit may not deal with the settings.They are something, and help Ubuntu Tweak.

first edition of the program Ubuntu Tweak took place in 2007.Last current version - Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.1 - was released on 11 May 2012.The app is free, licensed under GNU GPL, and users are free to download from the official website of the program deb-package installation utility (or connect the appr

opriate repository and install the application from it).

application Ubuntu Tweak allows you to customize your desktop, as well as many useful system options that inexperienced users will not be able to customize. What specific opportunities raids software Ubuntu Tweak ?

Among the basic functions can be identified show basic system information : information about the "iron" (processor, memory) version of the distribution, desktop environment, the need for updates and more. N. Also, Ubuntu Tweak allows you to control and configure the GNOME sessionsstartup programs.

Even this tweaker can be used for quick installation of popular applications and update them regularly (besides the standard repositories, Ubuntu Tweak provides access to a variety of external sources).Like other tweakers, Ubuntu Tweak allows you to free up disk space by removing unused packages and / or clearing the cache.

large number of users use tweakers primarily for customize the appearance of .Well, Ubuntu Tweak provides such a possibility.With this utility you can control the display / hide the screen (Splash screen) and change it.Also available is the opportunity to show / hide desktop icons, or mount the volume, show / hide / rename the icon "Computer", "Network", "Home Directory" and "Shopping".

Another Ubuntu Tweak allows you to fine-tune appearance and behavior Metacity (standard window manager for GNOME), configure Compiz Fusion (a collection of add-ons and options composite window manager compiz), the corners of the screen, window and spectacular effects menu panel GNOME (panelobjectives and means to launch applications), file manager Nautilus, Advanced Power Management (power settings) and system security.

Of course, this is not a complete list of all the features Ubuntu Tweak: with each new release adds new features and fixed bugs existing .So when a wrapper for the desktop environment by default became Unity, Ubuntu Tweak to have the opportunity to customize Unity 2D (a simplified version of the shell for computers with older video cards) and manage other options Unity.

Tweaker has an intuitive interface: on the left you can see the menu on the right - to read the description of the manipulation of the system available in the selected section of the program.

Experienced users Linux, of course, can customize most of the options of the operating system manually using the command line.But the program Ubuntu Tweak is designed primarily for those users who want to comfortably use Ubuntu, but it does not wish to go into the jungle of fine tuning , which is difficult to manipulate the system by regular means.

Ubuntu Tweak greatly facilitates the introduction and subsequent work with the Ubuntu operating system and allows you to make sure that is not so bad Linux, like it is painted.

Ubuntu Tweak: tweaker for Ubuntu