Diagram links: program to create Chart links (Map thoughts, associative card, intelligence card) - it's a great way to "sort through" the thoughts, ideas, facts, concepts, tasks.Now these diagrams are actively used in the studies and work.To create them, you can use the old-fashioned pen and piece of paper, and it is fashionable to use special software.

Chart links used in the learning process, for example, to create abstracts or organize the material on a certain topic.You can use it for solving creative problems, brainstorm, or create presentations. chart links will help streamline the business plan or a specific project .Finally, it can be used even in personal problems.

chart links, created by hand, helps to better learn the material and understand yourself (if you use this method to deal with personal problems).But if you need to present the finished chart at work or school, a much more solid will look chart connections created in a special program .Moreover, it will save you from having to lug around for a rather big piece of

paper that may wrinkle: chart threw the stick - and everything.

There are many free programs to create associative cards.Perhaps one of the most famous - is FreeMind .This cross-platform application written in Java and distributed under the GNU GPL.Due to export XHTML, you can create outline map with a complex branched structure containing references to external sources (other chart links, files, and web pages).

program allows you to hide individual branches, use HTML formatting of nodes and branches to decorate the corners graphically binding sites, search the individual branches, import and export lists.Ready chart connections can be exported in formats JPEG, PNG, SVG and PDF.Provided application integration with wiki .

On the basis of the application FreeMind created two more projects: FreePlane and SciPlore MindMapping.The program FreePlane emphasis was placed on ease of use.In its creation took part one of the key developers of FreeMind.Like its "parent", the program is cross-platform.It fully supports the file format FreeMind, but also includes additional options and features that are not supported FreeMind.

program SciPlore MindMapping focused more on students and scholars.It places great emphasis on work with the format of PDF (including import bookmarks) and support for key BibTeX (software to create formatted bibliography).This is the first program that combines charting relations and management of bibliographic information.SciPlore MindMapping file format is 100% compatible with FreeMind.

based on FreeMind and WikkaWiki (often called simply Wikka).In fact, it is written in PHP wiki engine, used to store pages of the DBMS MySQL.The engine is very lightweight and efficient, it combines the standard features of a wiki engine with support for memory cards FreeMind.

project VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) was created specifically for schools and distributed the appropriate license.This cross-platform free application can also be used to create presentations.Besides the standard options that most of the applications have to create mind maps, VUE boasts new features: tools for dynamic presentation of cards, tools for the analysis of mergers and maps, enhanced use of keywords and search tags, support for the semantic web, advanced searchOnline Resources (Flickr, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.).

XMind program has a straightforward interface.It is used for task management and knowledge at meetings and time management.Chart connections created in this application, may contain elements of the border, the relationship between the elements, labels, markers, links, text notes, audio and graphics files, attached files of other formats.Finished documents can be exported to PowerPoint, MS Word and PDF.

Another of free programs to create diagrams can mention CAM editor, Compendium, Pimki .There are also sites for creating intel card .Most of these services are shareware.This means that you can create in a free mode, only a limited number of cards (usually 2-3), or to use the service for free for a limited time (about a week).

Diagram ties can become an indispensable tool in their studies and work, and if you pick the right program, its creation will not be for you the slightest labor !

Diagram links: program to create