Free programs archivers for easy storage or transferring to other media files and folders are packed in archives.For this purpose, special programs archivers, which can be both paid and free.What are freeware archiver ?

Many free software associated primarily with the operating system Linux.In fact, many free programs archivers work including on Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.One such program - a free archiver 7-Zip .This archive has a high compression ratio, and given the right parameters it is on this indicator is not inferior to WinRAR.Preferences compression algorithms are accurate and varied, and inexperienced users are offered ready-made presets.

Also 7-Zip has a high speed decompression, support multi-threaded compression, encryption, AES-256, creating self-extracting and multivolume archives .Archive format and compression algorithm in this archiver open.It supports 64-bit systems.In addition to its own 7z format can pack and unpack formats BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP, XZ.It also supports unpacking seve

ral other formats, including RAR.Multilingual interface supported including Russian.

Another well-known free archive - PeaZip .This archive has its own archive format - PEA.Supports compression, creating multi-volume and self-extracting archives, there is a flexible system of encryption and integrity control.There is support for 64-bit systems.The program can work without installation (there is a portable version).Among the Russian language interface has.

addition to its own format PEA, archiver PeaZip fully supports formats 7z (including self-extracting archives), BZIP2, GZIP, PAQ, TAR, ZIP, XZ, WIM and others.Partially supported by a number of other formats, in Vol. H. RAR and ISO (partial support includes unpacking, view and archive the test).

Perhaps, 7-Zip and PeaZip - two of the most famous free archiver, but apart from them, of course, there are other free archiver program for OS Windows.For example, key functions archiver Bandizip - is the ability to preview files from the context menu, the sample file compression, automatic creation of multiple files from multiple files and folders.It supports a number of popular archive formats.However, the rate of compression is poor.Russian interface is missing.

Free Archiver Bitser has a standard for this type of software functionality.In addition to the functions of the archiver (which, incidentally, are based on open source archiver 7-Zip), Bitser can also serve as a password manager and calculator checksum MD5 / SHA-1.It can decompress the most popular formats of archives, but the choice of packaging formats is insignificant - ZIP, EXE, 7-ZIP.

Free Archiver DAR used to create backup files and folders.It supports multivolume archives, own database and differential backups. Archiver Filzip boasts all the same basic features as the other free archiver program.Its distinctive features - a built-in e-mail client and the ability to work with the program through the command line (though with limited functionality).

other free programs archivers for Windows - it FreeArc (own archive format support - ARC), Info-ZIP, IZArc (supports disk images), KGB Archiver, TUGZip, ZipGenius.There are also free archiver for Unix-based systems and MAC OS X .

Choice Free Archiver is quite wide. basic set of functions for all archivers like , and the choice of a suitable program is to pay attention to the speed and the degree of compression, archive formats are supported, if you have a 64-bit system - support for this type of system, the presence of Russian interface (if you have it in principle).And if the basic criteria are met, you can pay attention to the additional "features" of each of the archives.

Free programs archivers