Music Player for PC: How to choose Computer has long ceased to be merely "advanced typewriter": it is used also as a video game console, and as a home theater and a music center.To fully enjoy the music, listening to it on your computer, you need not only to choose good speakers or headphones, and set the appropriate audio player for the computer .

audio player for the computer (media player) - This program used to play audio files.Some modern players are able to play the video, but it is not their main function.Different audio players have their advantages and disadvantages, let's briefly consider most famous free audio players .

Perhaps, most famous audio player for your computer - it's Winamp .Call it can not be completely free: it exists in three versions, Lite and Standard version are free of charge, but they do not have the full set of features.All functions of this player have in the version Pro, which costs $ 19.95.

Winamp plays most music formats, including Ogg Vorbis and lossless-audio. This program is cross-platform : there for Windows, Mas OS X, Android.On Linux, you can run the application with the help of Wine.The interface is multilingual (supports including Russian).

program functionality can be extended by a plugin , part of them is included in the installer, and install, you can choose which of them to connect (note that the Lite version does not contain many modules).Winamp supports streaming, normal levels of sound, portable multimedia players.There autocomplete tag audio files.Appearance can be changed by skins (skins).

worthy alternative to Winamp - it free audio player for the computer AIMP .The developers have focused on the rapid start-up of the program and minimum load of the system.The player interface is similar to the interface of Winamp (some consider it an advantage, some - a disadvantage).AIMP supports 37 popular audio formats.

Many functions are similar to the functions of AIMP Winamp (multi-language interface, support for plug-ins, audio streaming, integration with the operating system and other programs, support for skins and visualizations, etc.).AIMP support off the computer on the set parameters, display file information when the mouse on the icon in the system tray, or the player playing the beginning of the next track (optional).

If the player roll, it will roll up or tray or in small panel Tray Control. AIMP is particularly suited to those who seek to rationally allocate system resources : consumption of system resources the program is minimal.However, this player only works on Windows, support for other operating systems is absent.

Another well-known audio player for the computer - foobar2000 .He and AIMP, developed for OS Windows.The program's interface may seem minimalist, but the player can boast ample opportunities, scalability and high performance.

foobar2000 supports a large number of formats (including lossless-audio). Its system requirements are minimal , even when processing large playlists program does not use a lot of RAM.Functionality of the program can be extended with additional plug-ins, and user-friendly interface of the program is adjusted "for themselves."

Basically, foobar2000 set of basic functions similar to the functions of the two previous players : volume adjustment function, support for multiple playlists, streaming audio, media library, reading tags from MP3 files, the files are played back continuously.Fully supports Unicode.Available standard and portable version.But the program is in English, the creation of Russian localization of the developer is not planned.

If you do not have a large variety of functions, you can set up a simple audio player for your computer.Here's a list of free audio players with Russian interface , you can try: 1by1, Akva, Album Player, aTunes (not to be confused with iTunes), BBox Player, Clementine, CometPlayer, CrystalWolf Audio Player, EMedia Player, Ghost Audio Player, HeliumMusic Manager, Ipple Play, Jaangle, Jukes, Kallisto Player, Linnon Mire Audio, MediaMonkey, Oiynsoft Music Player, Pluton, Quintessential Media Player, Small Media Player, Songbird, Soundbase, Spider Player, VSO Media Player, Wynil.

Music Player for PC: How to choose