Free software for learning languages Knowledge of foreign language - not a luxury but a necessity for a long time.Computer technologies greatly facilitate the learning process, and it can not but rejoice.What are free program for learning languages ​​?To start

want to warn those who consider the program for learning languages ​​sort of panacea that will help master the language perfectly, as if by magic. Learning a foreign language - is the work , the program can facilitate it, but without practice you will not learn the language.

Different programs for learning languages ​​are used in different aspects of learning .Some help to learn new words and master the rules of grammar, some are for the correct pronunciation, which is helping to improve the skills of reading and listening.Finally, there is a program-tests to check your already acquired knowledge.Since a lot of tutorials, we will tell only some of them.

One of the most well-known programs that can help you learn a foreign language - is Anki .This cross-platform application allow

s create flash cards for learning foreign words .Cards can be combined into a deck on the themes and customize the properties of decks of cards and templates.You can download a ready-pack from the Internet.There are decks for different languages, user-created program.Decks can be placed on a server, to synchronize them with several computers that are running the program.In addition to versions for ordinary computer, there are versions of Anki for mobile devices running on OS Android, Windows Mobile / Windows CE, iOS or supporting j2me.

course, is indispensable in the study of foreign languages ​​without dictionary .Free alternatives are really good, but not cheap ABBYY Lingvo can be StarDict .This dictionary supports finding words on a template, fuzzy query function and full-text search.With this program you can search the on-line dictionaries, as well as full-text translation (through integration with online services, such as an interpreter Google, translator Yahoo, Excite Japan interpreter for oriental languages).It is possible to scan the selected control and dictionaries, as well as listening to the pronunciation of words.On the Internet you can download more than five hundred of dictionaries of various subjects for more than 40 languages;applications have been ported to the dictionaries of other free programs and free dictionaries by users ABBYY Lingvo.Availability and online version of the dictionary StarDict.

Of course, many language learning programs are designed primarily in English.So, English Trainer program is designed to train your understanding of the English language .There are two versions of this free program to learn English: complete (with audio commentary) and super (only jobs without sound).Working with the program is simple: you are invited to the English phrase, and translations into Russian (or vice versa).Your task - to choose the right option.If you answer incorrectly, you can immediately get acquainted with the correct answer.You can adjust the direction of translation, the number of jobs in the same exam, the time allotted to find the correct answer.Available list of all the jobs (about 6000) and statistics.There is also a mode for repetition.A

application FVords intended for those who study English and German languages. There are several modes of language learning .Normal mode is the usual choice of options for us, but at the same time take into account the psychology of memory.Tasks "courses" to be performed strictly sequentially, and set the "Event" with examples and tips are given randomly.Both modes include advice and jobs from Longman.Mode "The Book" - a parallel reading books in the original and translation, accompanied by comments and subscript dictionary.And in the "prompter" you can listen to the English words and phrases.Also available modes "Thrown", "Control", "Frequency", "Word Order", "Spelling" and "extreme interpretation".

There are specific free programs for learning languages, "sharpened" under rarer languages ​​.These include, for example, eVortraro - free Esperanto-Russian-Esperanto dictionary - and Japanese Trainer - software simulator designed for learning Japanese syllabary (katakana and hiragana).

Of course, there are other programs for learning languages, including online translators.It is best to use several programs in the complex, so that they "hedged" with each other.But one of the most important aspects of language learning - live chat - not replace no program .

Free software for learning languages