Free software for interior layout One of the most important stages of repair - a layout of the interior: it is practically impossible to make a good repair, not imagining the final result.That's just very difficult to plan on a piece of interior and sophisticated design of the program, not everyone can master.Come to the aid Freeware interior layout , aimed at the average user.

Software interior layout offers its potential clients known company IKEA .Interior Design can be directly online, and then save it on the server, go to the store for advice.The scheduler is installed as a supplement to the browser running on the browser Firefox (Windows and Mac OS X), Internet Explorer (in Windows) and Safari (in Mac OS X).

When working in the application first select the size and shape of the room , the location of doors, windows, obstacles (columns, walls, bridges, and so on. P.), As well as water pipes and gas pipelines, switches and sockets, batteries, air conditioners,air vents and so on. d. Then you can pick up a set of furniture and acc

essories for the kitchen or dining room.Ends design choice of finishing materials and design elements.

Also on the site are available program plan with more limited functionality , working directly in the browser and does not require installation.Disadvantages applications from IKEA - is, first, that the design can only dining room and kitchen.Second, the furniture and accessories are chosen only from the range of IKEA, and presented not the entire range.But the software is easy to use and has flexible settings.

If you are not a fan of furniture IKEA, you can try other programs for the interior layout.For example, the perfect solution - cross-platform and multilingual freeware Sweet Home 3D , which you can download and install on your computer, and use right in your browser online.It is available in 11 languages ​​(including Russian), runs on four operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris.

program allows you to create a plan at home, arrange furniture and accessories, selected from a wide range of furniture and home furnishings (available range of sizes, colors and textures of objects). The result will be available both in two-dimensional mode (top view), and a 3D model , as well as in the "virtual visitors" (photograph of the interior of the premises of the selected point).To save the results need to register the program (it's free).

Sweet Home 3D - project is open source, licensed under GNU GPL .It is characterized by extensive Russian-language documentation for both users and developers, is also available video instructions.The program has flexible settings, intuitive interface, and the ability to immediately get acquainted with the result of the interior layout.

Another free program for interior layout called "Stolplit» .As Sweet Home 3D, it is available in both offline and online versions.But if Sweet Home 3D opens in a browser window, "Stolplit" need to be installed as a supplement to the browser as an application from IKEA.Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

program allows you to create a floor plan, as well as choose from a standard template layout typical apartments.The room can be created to select the coating selected and arranged the furniture, equipment, and accessories.As the program of IKEA furniture is chosen from the catalog store, which provided application.The range is small, but it is possible to get an overview of the result in 3D. The main drawback of the program - a limited selection of furniture and accessories and low quality graphics .

There are other programs for the interior layout, for example, Morderline Furniture and Roomle (two in English, both browser-based - for use online).Of course, all of the above software falls short of the professional design programs, but in fact most users and do not need extensive functionality.To schedule a private interior interior free software is enough.

Free software for interior layout