Master Password in Firefox Most people use the memory function of passwords in the browser, not to be entered each time usernames and passwords for frequently visited sites.But in this case there is a risk that access to your account is available to any person who uses your browser.Protect your personal data in the browser Mozilla Firefox will master password .

master password is used to securely store passwords for different sites. It encrypts passwords so that they become much more difficult to remove from your browser , even if an attacker has physical access to your computer.

addition, master password to protect access to your certificates .This is very useful if you, for example, using WebMoney purse with authorization through the certificate.If someone gains access to your certificate, respectively, it will gain access to the wallet with all the money stored on it.Master Password will not let it happen.

How does your master password? When you run Mozilla Firefox and start a new session, the browser will be asked to ente

r your master password if your first attempt to gain access to secure master password information.When you enter it, you will have access to all saved passwords and certificates.Thus, the master password is entered once per session.

How to set a master password in the browser Mozilla Firefox? the Tools menu, select Settings.In the Settings window, click the Security tab and put a check in the "Use a master password."If you've never used it, the window change the master password, the proposal to set a master password.

Invented your master password must be entered twice in the appropriate fields.The bar at the bottom shows you the level of quality create a password (ie. E. How it is safe).Recall that a secure password should not be a simple combination of numbers or letters (123456, qwerty, and so on. N.). One of the best options - a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters .

sure to remember or write down the master password (only store the piece of paper with a password next to the computer).If you forget it, you will not be able to gain access to secure information they need.When finished, click OK.

If you need change the master password , then again go to the Security tab in your browser, click "Change Master Password ...", enter the old master password, then twice - the new, and then click OK.To disable the master password , simply remove the appropriate checkbox on the Security tab.

What to do if you forget your master password? Restore regular means of the program it is impossible, but there are several ways to reset the master password, to set a new one.To do this, type in the address bar of your browser the following text:

chrome: //pippki/content/resetpassword.xul

warning appears that after resetting the master password is lost and stored passwords, private keys, certificates and personalform data.To avoid this, it is impossible - it is a kind of "pay" for the forgotten master password.To reset your password, click "Reset". Then you can set a new password or terminate the use .

There is another way to remove master password , but it is, again, deleted, together with other saved passwords.To do this, you need to manually remove the password from your profile folder in the browser.

the Help menu, select "Information for solving problems."Should open the page about: support.In the table "Application Information", click "Open folder it."Open your profile folder Firefox, it is necessary to delete files singons.txt and key.db .

Master Password - a handy option that will help you to protect your personal information. But it is important to come up with a strong password and do not forget it .

Master Password in Firefox