Themes for Google Chrome: How to install? Soviet country continues to tell where to find and how to install themes for the popular browsers.We have already written about how to use the service Personas for Firefox and how to install themes for Opera, today on the queue does Google Chrome.So, how to install themes for Google Chrome?

Like many other browsers, Google Chrome has a built-in functionality for change themes .You do not have to search the Internet sites with themes, download and install them yourself - the developers of the browser allow users to install Google Chrome themes with just a few mouse clicks.

To install the theme, you need to go to your browser by clicking on the wrench icon in the browser toolbar.This will open a menu where you need to select Options.Open a new tab - Preferences.On the left is the settings menu with three options: Basic, Personal Stuff, and Advanced.You need to select the Personal Stuff, by clicking on it once.The right side displays a list of options.In this list, you need the last point - Themes.From

this point you can go to the gallery Google Chrome , for this you need to click on the link Get topic.The gallery has two tabs: Artist themes and topics from Google.

Any theme for Google Chrome is displayed along the top of the browser window in a background image page shortcuts.In general Gallery topics are displayed in a preview , which is visible only the upper limit of the browser.To see how the page will look shortcuts, you click on the topic title or the image (preview) - opens a page with a screenshot.

To set a theme for Google Chrome browser need to click the Apply button topic .The gallery is located under the preview of topics and on the page with the screenshot - the right of the image.When you press the button, the browser itself to download a file with the theme and install it automatically.After setting appears at the top of the strip with the inscription "Installed theme" Topic Title "" If you do not like the way your browser looks with a new theme, click on the Cancel button - will be restored to the previous topic.If the topic you like, just click on the cross in the right hand side of the strip to close it.

If you do not like none of the standard proposed in the gallery from Google, you can download themes for Google Chrome from third-party sites .We do not recommend any specific sites - of which there are a great many.We would just remind you that it is not necessary to download files from suspicious sites, especially if you are asked to pre-send an SMS to a short number - it is likely that the money you spend, but remain without a theme for the browser.

Themes for Google Chrome browser have the extension CRX.If you downloaded the theme was in the archive, extract it. Drag the file to the theme in a browser window .At the bottom of the window displays a warning: "Extensions and themes can harm your computer.Continue? "And two buttons - Next and Cancel sending.If you are sure that you want to install the theme, click the Next button.Voila - the theme is installed!

How to remove the browser theme for Google Chrome? There are two options - either to install the new theme over the old (to do this, you already know) or to go back to the classic theme for Google Chrome blue.To do this, go to your browser and switch to the Personal Stuff tab.In the Topics must click Reset to default theme.

As you can see, set themes for Google Chrome as easy as it is for other browsers.

Themes for Google Chrome: How to install?