Tweaker for Windows 7 tweakers first appeared long ago.They were designed to fine-tune Windows XP.But since basically all now enjoy "Seven", the required good tweaker for Windows 7 .Land of the Soviets will talk about Free tweaker that you can use.There are various

tweakers who allow you to customize not only the possibility of the operating system, but also video .More popular, of course, tweakers, with which you can optimize Windows to your taste.By and large, all the changes you wish to make to the registry can be done without tweaking.But any tweaker has a user-friendly interface, so editing the registry is much simplified and accelerated.

Before you use any tweaker to 7, you must remember that any interference in the computer's registry has to be careful .It was careless use tweaking leads to the inevitable collapse of the operating system.We make a small review of several well-tweaker, which exist at the moment.

What often use tweaker?Of course, to customize the appearance of the desktop and increase system perfo

rmance .But in addition, free tweakers can also adjust the content of the context menu, monitor hard drive and do a lot of other various functions.

One of the most "advanced" tweaker for Windows 7 - is EnhanceMySe7en Free .This free utility has several dozen tools for configuring and managing your "Seven."You can use either automatic settings, which offers this tweaker, and manually adjust the various parameters of the system components.If you do not know what you'll be corrected by tweaking, it is better not to meddle in the system settings.

Windows 7 Little Tweaker 1.1 - very simple tweaker Windows 7. This utility does not require installation.With this tweaking it is possible to customize the content context menu, disable UAC mechanism and adjust some other parameters OS.Also this tweaker contains a very useful function: it exports the registry entries to a separate file.So you can at any time to restore the old system settings.It is useful, is not it?

Ultimate Windows Tweaker was originally designed for Vista.But, as it turned out, it works perfectly and "Seven".The program can tweak the registry, using the more than 130 parameters.Also this tweaker can clean your hard drive from various debris.Do not forget to file rollback, which at any moment completely restores the original settings of the system.

to configure, optimize and clean your system, you can also use 7Tweak Pro .This program has the capability of any tweaking.But in addition, 7Tweak Pro allows you to configure different security settings of the system and the mail program Windows Mail.This utility is also interesting in that it can help to choose the size of the cache for the second level of the processor.Using tweaker 7Tweak Pro, you can also change the amount of allocated memory.

Do not forget that in addition to free tweaking there are also paid versions.You choose which one you will use tweaker.One of the best paid tweaking considered TuneUp Utilities .The program supports all versions of the OS, as it is constantly updated.In addition, TuneUp Utilities has a very interesting feature "turbo", which makes it possible to "drive" the computer.For example, during intensive programs TuneUp Utilities can turn off the "extra" services that are not needed at the moment.This mode "Turbo" will be primarily of interest to gamers who require maximum number of operatives.

Tweaker for Windows 7