Computer games: simulator visits Computer games are divided into a huge number of genres and subgenres - all at once, and you name it. simulator visits - a genre of computer games, not too well known in our country, but it is very popular in Japan.What are the simulators dating?

Japanese games in the genre simulator visits are closely linked to romantic anime (Japanese animation) .Normally a simulator visits created based on the popular anime, or vice versa - if successful simulator visits the audience for video game anime removed.

purpose of the player in games of this genre - to build a successful relationship , this is subject to the entire plot of the game.Typically, the plot is simple enough simulators dates, and the action takes place in an educational institution (usually a school).Although there are simulators and fantasy where you must first save the girl from a monster, and then later try to charm if the fact of salvation it was not enough.

Simulations meetings designed for the female and for the male audience, the age of

the players may also be different. on the characteristics of the audience will depend on gameplay and story .So, if the simulation is designed not meeting adolescents, and players over 18 years, the game may contain elements of eroticism.Of course, these games are appropriately labeled.

differences between simulators visits to female and male audience expressed not only with whom the player is invited to tie a relationship - with the guys or girls. characteristic difference between dating simulators for girls - is the abundance of roses and other flowers in the game design (background, design elements).Because of this technique dating simulators passed in romantic anime.

Sometimes simulator visits confused with another genre of computer games, visual novel , which is also popular in Japan.But these two genres have certain differences.Gameplay visual novel maximally simplified , and the player's participation is minimal.In fact, the visual novel - is anime or manga with an interactive computer interface, all you need to make a player - is to choose one or another variant of the answer in the dialogue and monitor developments.

A simulator visits suggests a much greater degree of involvement of the player in gameplay .It is something similar to the role-playing game (RPG), in which the player has a set of key characteristics that they can develop ("pump").That's only if it's the usual RPG, for example, strength, agility, power and endurance, the simulators meeting these characteristics will serve as the exterior, "sport", academic achievement, and so on. N.

Depending on whatcharacteristics "pump" character, will change its chances to enter into relations with a certain girl (or guy - if the hero is female).Characters of the opposite sex has its own preferences and interests, so the "pump" characteristics needed depending on what exactly the character you want to conquer.

as classic examples of simulation dating game can be called Dokysei and True Love , issued in the first half of the nineties.In each game, the player can get involved in different female characters, but its goal - to successfully implement a love line with one of them.The game is considered to win True Love Woman taken a declaration of love, and the game is Dokysei erotic dating simulation, so if successful the player is engaged to a woman in love.

main problem fans meeting simulators is that the majority of these games are being developed in Japan, respectively, in Russian (and sometimes even in the English language) find them problematic.And legally acquire them - too often a problem.However if desired, can be found on the internet online dating simulators, which are flash games , and even dating simulators for mobile phones.What, after all, but an alternative.

should not apply to this genre of games biased : sim dating does not necessarily contain elements of eroticism or pornography, there is quite a lot of innocent games to help you while away an hour or two.

Computer games: simulator visits