Generate passwords: useful programs good password - a guarantee that no one will have access to the information they protected.But statistics show that roughly 40% of users choose passwords are vulnerable, that can be easily guessed automatically.Choose a strong password to help password generation .

randomly generated password is considered the most reliable : they are much harder to crack than passwords created from a template (for example, a sequence of numbers), or based on personal information.Typically, password generation is carried out using a special algorithm - the random number generator.

passwords can be generated through a variety of programs and online services .All of them are based on for the pseudo-random number generator and operate on a similar principle.You need to choose the password length, password characters for the category and number of passwords you need, and then the program will generate them for you.

Ideally, the minimum length of a secure password should be 12-14 characters, desirable to include in it t

he symbols of all possible categories (Arabic numerals, letters of upper and lower case letters, special characters are allowed).But if the site for which you need a password, there are restrictions on the number of characters, or not allowed to use special characters in the password, it is necessary to submit requirements.

Some services and programs allow you to generate a pseudo-random passwords are not only reminiscent of gibberish, but also easy to remember passwords .Generate Passwords of this type is based on the laws of natural language, ie. Ie. Passwords are reminiscent not just a set of symbols and words, but in fact they are not.Special characters and numbers are located at the end of the "word."

So, you need to generate passwords.What programs can I use?One of the easiest programs is called - Password Generator (password generator).It is free and requires no installation and runs directly from the exe-file.The program interface is English-speaking, but understand it is quite simple.

generation support passwords up to 20 characters that can be distributed among the Latin letters of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.In settings you can choose which special characters are used. You can generate up to 1000 passwords at once , the program allows you to copy them to the clipboard or saved as a text file.

Russian equivalent of this program - a program Password generator (current version - 2.0.1) from the developer, Denis Voronov.Primarily it is intended for system administrators, but end users may well use it for their needs.Supports password generation of different lengths, it is possible to choose the amount of generated passwords, exclude certain groups of characters and related characters.The program requires no installation, but it requires a library works msvbvm60.dll.

users of Unix-like operating systems can be used to generate passwords console utility pwgen .To generate a password, enter the command:

pwgen [options] [number of characters in the password] [number of generated passwords]

What are the options for creating a password, you can use? Here are some of them:

  • -0 - generated password without figures
  • -1 - the password to withdraw each on a separate line
  • -B - generate a password that does not contain letters and numbers, which can be confused (for example, O,0)
  • -A - do not include the password in uppercase letters
  • c - to include in your password at least one uppercase letter

passwords can be generated by SHA1 sum of a given file and filter ( it will help generate the password again , ifyou forget it), as well as the generation of random passwords with no characters that could be confused, and completely random passwords difficult to remember.

But not generate password - him to remember .Random character sets are stored is difficult, so you need a password to write or maintain a special password manager.Keep a piece of paper with a password to yourself (say, in your wallet) or leave it near the computer.It is not recommended to store passwords in a public file.

Generate passwords: useful programs