Free program for reading books FB2 FB2 (FictionBook) - one of the most popular e-book formats.If you have an electronic "reader", the problems with reading books in this format should arise - modern reader supports FB2.But how to read the book in this format on the computer?What are free software to read FB2 books ?

FB2 format is so popular because the book is saved in this format contains not only text, but also information about its structure, illustrations and artwork, information about the author and the publication.Special programs to read FB2 books allow you to take full advantage of this format, including organize books, create your own virtual library .

There are free programs for reading FB2, written for different operating systems.We take a closer look at those programs that are designed for OS Windows (although many of them are cross-platform).

One of the most well-known programs - FBReader .There are versions for different platforms, including Windows (XP, Vista, 7), is now actively developing a version for Android.Also

format FB2, the program also supports formats ePub, PalmDoc, TXT, zTXT, TCR.Formats RTF, CHM and HTML supported in part (not displayed table).Supports opening files of books from the archives of tar, gzip, bzip2, and ZIP.Not supported formats DjVu and PDF.

program supports some of the most common character sets, as well as hyperlinks.There are options such as remembering the last open book test search, a list of recently opened files, full screen, rotate the screen to 90, 180 and 270 degrees.There is the ability to control text formatting. FBReader allows you to create virtual libraries with the possibility of grouping books thematic sections, making it easy to find the necessary books.

Another popular cross-platform free program that allows you to read books in format FB2, called Calibre.In fact, Calibre - is not just a "reader" and an entire electronic library .The program has a database: when you add a book to add to the database all the information about the publication, from the title and author to the publisher and release date.It is possible to obtain information about the book from the Internet using the ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

Installation Calibre is installed and the application E-book viewer .Here it is something and is used for reading electronic books in format FB2.Calibre supports a number of other e-book formats, but not all of them open to the E-book viewer (ie, add them to the library, you can, and reading will need to set other programs).But FB2 difficulties should arise.Also in the program is integrated converter that lets you convert e-books in FB2, stored in other formats.

Another free (for personal use) the program for reading electronic books, which supports including format FB2, called STDU Viewer .It is popular due to its small size and "omnivorous": in addition to FB2, the program supports the format DjVu, PDF, XPS, CBR / CBZ, TCR, a number of graphic formats.However, there is no support for some pretty common formats: ePub, DOC, HTML, CHM.

There are also free programs for reading FB2, written for other platforms.Thus, the application Okular intended for viewing documents from the desktop environment KDE. PyBookReader designed for GNU / Linux, FreeBSD and other systems that support the automatic scrolling. TequilaCat Book Reader - is Java-based application for mobile phones, playback FB2 in a simplified form.A program FReader written for HP Touchpad running WebOS.

As you can see, there are a variety of programs to read FB2 books, so choose a few .

Free program for reading books FB2