How do I enable cookies in my browser? To work correctly, some sites you need to enable cookies in your browser.What are cookies?What are they for? How to enable cookies in your browser? These questions are answered by the Soviet Union.

Cookies (cookies, cookies, cookies) - are pieces of text information, sent by the browser to the server.The next time the server (in other words - next time you visit the site) he refers to files cookies, stored on your computer, and performs certain actions.

What are cookies? information stored in them, do not allow you to enter your username and password each time you visit sites that require authentication.They help to keep your personal settings, provided the developers site - for example, by choosing a theme site, the amount of materials displayed on the page, etc.Search engines can be stored in the cookies information about the number of search results to be displayed for the user on the same page.Most online stores also use cookies.

Usually reception and saving files cookies included in the defau

lt browser, but in some cases, this option has to be manually configured.We show you how to enable cookies in most common browsers.

How do I enable cookies in Internet Explorer

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer versions 6 and above need to do the following.First, go to the Tools menu at the top of your browser (if the top menu does not appear, press the key Alt, which will include a display of the menu).Select it, click Internet Options, and in the open window go to the Privacy tab.Click on the Advanced button - will open the Advanced Privacy Settings.In this window, you need to install Tick the Override automatic cookie handling.In both columns (Main cookies or foreign cookies) you need to select Accept and click on the OK button twice - in the Advanced Privacy Settings, and then in the Internet Options dialog box.

How to enable cookies in Opera

To enable cookie files in the Opera browser version 10 and above press the Menu button on the top left of the browser window, select Settings, and in it - the section of the general settings.You can simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F12 - the result will be the same.In the Settings window go to the Advanced tab.On the left we see a vertical menu settings.Select it point Cookies, and at this point - the Accept Cookies.Click the OK button.

How to enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser version 3 and above, you need to take such action.On the Tools menu, select Settings.In the browser settings go to the Privacy tab.At the top of the window we see a drop-down list.Select the item in it Firefox will remember the story and click on the OK button.You can select Firefox will use custom settings for history by clicking on the checkboxes Accept cookies from sites and Accept cookies from third-party sites and click on the OK button.

How to enable cookies in Google Chrome

To enable cookies in Google Chrome, you need to click on the wrench icon in the top right corner of the browser window, select the Tools menu, and in it - the option settings.In the settings window go to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button on the content ... in the Privacy section.Choose to Allow local data (recommended).

How to enable cookies in Apple Safari

In that case, if you prefer Apple Safari browser for Windows, click on the gear icon in the upper right side of the browser window and choose from the menu, click Preferences.Then go to the Security tab, find there a block and select Accept cookies function always.

How do I enable cookies in my browser?