Program to read DjVu format One popular electronic document formats, which you may encounter - a format DjVu.It was designed to store the scanned documents.What are the free program read format DjVu ?Usually

DjVu format used to store the scanned books (manuscripts, journals, and so. N.) In those cases where it is impossible to ever fully recognize the document because of the abundance of drawings, diagrams, and so on. N., Or it is extremely important to keep it in pristine condition. It's pretty popular format with which you can easily encounter in the course of study or work .To work properly with documents saved in this format, you will need special software to read format DjVu.

course, is "omnivorous" program, which in addition to the format DjVu work with a host of other graphics formats and e-book formats .These programs include, for example, STDU Viewer (on this program we mentioned in our article on the reading format FB2).But if you often work with documents in this format, better to choose specialized programs to read

format DjVu, which is providing many more opportunities.

One of the most popular programs to view files in this format - a cross-platform utility WinDjView , which works not only on Windows, but on Mac OS X. The application interface is multilingual, including accessible and Russian.The program allows you to view open documents in tabs like, as well as in separate windows, supports full-screen mode.

WinDjView program has flexible settings .Available in different view modes (continuous or single, there is also the opportunity to view display) and the display (color / black and white, front / rear-up).Available mode and a rapid increase in scale for allocation.

Pages can be rotated 90 degrees to either side.You can set the scale (height or width of the page, and the user 100%), adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma. Navigation and scrolling can be performed using both mouse and keyboard .

available to the user the ability to make bookmarks and annotations, supported hyperlinks, table of contents, search for text, copying (if the document has a text layer OCR) dictionaries to translate words under the mouse pointer.You can export pages or parts of them in popular image formats are supported extended print .

Another popular program to read DjVu files called DjVu Reader .It is very easy operation, intuitively understandable interface, so even a novice user will be able to fix it.This program is a little "weight" and does not require installation: all you need - just unpack it into the desired folder.

program DjVu Reader allows you to view multiple DjVu files into different tabs. Ā«leafing through" the page can be like using the navigation buttons and using the spacebar .Available zoom function, change the brightness and contrast of the document.There is an opportunity to make and save a screenshot of the page, and copy the text to the clipboard (if the document contains a text layer OCR).

However, this program has a number of shortcomings , in particular - no searching through the document, the lower speed compared with the same WinDjView.

can also try program DjVu Solo , has a standard set of features for viewing DjVu documents: zoom, view modes, adjust the contrast and brightness, add bookmarks and comments, advanced printing, page thumbnails for navigation.It is also possible to edit and create DjVu files.

main drawback program - is that the latest version was released in 2000, and since the program has not been updated .Therefore it can not read the files of documents over 25 version.Also in the program is not too easy navigation (not navigate with the mouse).

There are special plug-ins for browsers (for example, DjVu Browser plugin), which allow to view DjVu files directly in the browser window.However, the functionality of these plug-ins are usually cut down as compared to the full-fledged program to work with the format DjVu.

Program to read DjVu format