How to set a folder password? It often happens that a computer in addition to enjoying ourselves more and our households.That's just not always want to have access to absolutely all the information stored there.Typically, the information that they want to hide from prying eyes and protect with a password. How to set a folder password?Some

to protect information merely hide your files and folders standard operating system.But open the hidden files and folders is easy, so that such protection is very unreliable.But if you set a password on a folder, the access to it is already difficult to obtain. How to do it?

first method only works if you are already have a private account, password-protected , while other users are working with other accounts or even a guest, but your "uchetku" do not have access.In addition, this method works only for those folders that are located on the disk with the file system NTFS.

To set a password on a folder, click the right mouse button and then click "Properties".Click the "Access", her tick item «

not share this folder ».Confirm the request of the desire to set a password, enter the password and save the changes.

In the case of small files and folders, you can use the archiver WinRar .However, in this case, you will not put a password on a folder, and archive.And in order to gain access to password-protected folder, you will need to first extract it from the archive.

To install a folder password using WinRar , you must first, of course, set the archive if you have not done so.Then right-click on the folder and then click "Add to archive ...".This opens a window to create an archive, go to him in the "Advanced" tab.Click on "Set Password."

In the window that opens, double-enter the password in the appropriate fields .Passwords must be complex, it is desirable that there were different types of characters: numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters.Click OK and archive folder.

You can also set the password to a folder about third party programs .Programs such there are so many, there are both paid and free.It is clear that paid functionality will be wider, but for a simple password-protect folders you would be enough functional freeware.

One such program is called My Folder ."Weighs" she is half a megabyte.You can password-protect a folder on the computer on a flash drive, and the maximum size of folders, password-protected, is 100 GB.Supported operating systems Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit).

Another program - Instant Lock .It allows you not only to set a folder password, but also to make it completely invisible to other users, and protected files can not be accessed even from safe mode.The program works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The interface is English-speaking, but to understand it easily.

standard installation process.When you first start you will be prompted to enter a master password to access the program. To hide the folder, click Add, select the folder and click OK .It will appear in the list of hidden folders.To open it, select a mouse line with a folder and click Open, and to re-lock - Locked.To delete a folder from the list so that it was visible again, you can click Remove.

True, program is completely free .The trial version does not allow to block flash drives, disk drives and network drives, the maximum number of folders that can block it - 5.

You can try other programs, for example, SonySoft Folder Lock, Folder Lockbox, Microsoft Private Folder, and others.As you can see, There are several ways to set the password to a folder , each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

How to set a folder password?