Operating Systems 2012 Computers and mobile devices become more powerful, so the operating system must keep pace with them, because they provide the correct operation of the "iron" and help to realize the full potential inherent in it.So this year updated (or is about to update) all the leading operating systems.What will please us 2012 operating systems ?

2012 Operating Systems: Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

Update OS Unbuntu was not a surprise: the developers have traditionally released a new version of the distribution every six months, in April and in October.The April 2012 version was named Precise Pangolin (¬ęPrecise Pangolin").It LTS version , then there is a version with extended support time.Such new versions come out every two years and maintained for three years (as opposed to the normal version, supported a half years), and the server - for 5. Beginning Ubuntu 12.04 and server and desktop version will be supported for five years.

Ubuntu 12.04 is based on the kernel Linux 3.2 .The new version of Unity r

emains the standard desktop environment, but now it has been refined lines to the search menu of running applications HUD.Banshee was replaced Rhythmbox as the default player.This version of the OS includes GNOME 3.4.1, Firefox 11, LibreOffice 3.5.2, Thunderbird 11 and other components.

On July 27 came the latest test version of the next release - Ubuntu 12.10 alpha 2. The release will be based on the kernel Linux 3.5, codename - Quantal Quetzal (Quantum resplendent quetzal).

2012 Operating Systems: OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

But out of the next release of Apple's operating system has become a surprise, since the last version was published in 2011, and Apple released a new version of the desktop operating system every two years.This year, two-year system refresh desktop OS has been changed to a one-year. now and OS X, and iOS will be updated annually .

in February began to spread first assembly OS X 10.8 to developers in July plans to start selling the final version.This is the ninth major release (major release) OS X. distribute the new release will be exclusively in electronic form through the Mac App Store.According to the developers, Mountain Lion includes over 200 new features .

The new version includes a dictation from a virtual assistant Siri, better integration with iCloud, a built-in Twitter-client, plain and simple notes (Notes), a new system of exchange of information on the Internet, etc. Share Sheets. Many new features have been copied from theMobile version .Some applications have been renamed, but some features - deleted or merged with existing ones.

2012 Operating Systems: Windows 8

new version of Microsoft's operating system has not yet emerged, but already being discussed on the Internet.Moreover, on May 31 was released last public preview version Release Preview , so Windows 8 already available for download and a bit "touched."

The new version of Windows familiar interface has been changed almost beyond recognition (so, in the version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview "Start" button has replaced the special screen "Start" in the style of Metro UI ).The new interface is optimized for touch screens, and for the usual control with mouse and keyboard.

developers promise support for USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, as well as wireless and stereoscopic displays.Announced a face recognition system users via webcam, which will be used, including for power management modes.Generally, changes will affect each "corner" of the system .

Microsoft has decided to take a page from the main competitors (Google and Apple), products and services that are closely integrated with the Internet.So, the developers promise to integrate into Windows 8 service Windows Store , which will be repeated many features Mac App Store.

2012 Operating Systems: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

Speaking about new releases of operating systems, not to mention the mobile operating system, as more people use smartphones and tablets.Let's talk about the latest current version of Android - Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , issued June 27, 2012.Changes to the release changes were mostly smooth operation of the interface.

System performance has been improved by parallel operation of the CPU and GPU .Due to this, some Android 4.1 devices will run at 60 frames per second.

For a smoother UI technology was used Project Butter , including triple buffering in the graphics pipeline.If the widget does not fit on your desktop, it will be automatically scaled, and the position of other widgets - changed.It was updated virtual keyboard, and adds the ability to stand-alone voice input.

also been modified type of control panel, upgraded search, improved application "Camera".Blind and visually impaired will be able to connect to your tablet or smartphone on Android 4.1 input devices that support braille .The release of the system included a new service Google Now.

Operating Systems 2012