A collage of photos with his own hands Collage - is an art of overlaying images on top of each other with the addition and deletion of certain details. collage of photos with his hands can be done using a special program.Gave a brief overview of several programs.

Making a collage of photos

photo collage technique is very simple.

Try to start to practice editing photos.Practice not only move and rotate the image for a certain number of degrees.Find function to resize the image.

Learn basic cropping photos.Program for creating collages have their own built-in stamps, which will be cropping.But often also need to set some form of pruning.To do this you will need to manually select the cropped image.Choosing the right tool, you will be dotting crop the image where you want it.Between points automatically formed a straight line.Along this line, and will be cropping images.Points will also play a role turns.

Pay attention to the different effects that you can use to edit photos.You might want to make the image black and white or sepia tones

.Many other effects are available in a variety of applications.

When creating a collage to be not just a carefully selected photos.It also requires a rather critical approach to what you see.Always pay attention to the direction of light to your selected photos.After all, the lighting pictures will affect the search for a background.So, if you use the image on which the figure is strong enough Exposed naturally can not use background with subdued light.You agree that this collage will look implausible.Thus Pick a background that will meet the most coverage in the main photo.

also be trained to contrast, sharpness and angle background as much as possible match the chosen photograph.Having trained to work with photos, you can begin to implement your ideas.

program for creating collages from photos

  1. first in the list of all the programs will be, of course, be Adobe Photoshop.With this program, it makes a stunning collages.But the problem is not only in the complexity of working with Photoshop, but also that it is a paid software.
  2. excellent free program for photo collage - a Picasa.This simple image editor allows you to easily change the image the way you want it.
  3. Picture Collage Maker Free - another free program that allows you to make calendars, cards, invitations and more.The Picture Collage Maker Free contains a huge number of different patterns, masks, backgrounds, frames and clip art to decorate your creation.
  4. Fotomix has a simple interface so that even a newbie in image processing can easily cope with their work.You can create collages from photos and add them to the label.
  5. photo collages - this is one of the best Russian programs.With it, you can not just make a poster or card, but even artwork for a website.The library contains a huge amount of photo collage of bright patterns into which you can insert your pictures harvested.

So, you have already made a collage of photos of his hands.What's next?Save your work as an image file and print it.Your finished work can not only print, but also to use as wallpaper on your desktop, or as screensavers.

A collage of photos with his own hands