How to create a purse WebMoney? WebMoney - popular electronic currencies, which can be used to carry out settlements in various areas of our lives: to pay for goods in shops, for services, for the use of social services and so on. D. If you do not have your walletWebMoney, it is the time to create it.How exactly?This will tell the Soviet Union.

Create a WebMoney purse is not very difficult. The first thing to do is to visit the official site of WebMoney in Russia - the main page of this site you simply click «Register» - and the first step towards obtaining a treasured electronic purse is made.

First of all you need to enter your mobile phone number.After entering a number, press the "Continue" button.Next, the form appears for the introduction of personal data.Data can be imported from social services if you are registered in such services, or entered manually.After introducing the personal data you must click «Continue» .On

said the introduction of the personal data mailbox will mail with a link to confirm your registration .Confirm your registration must be made within 10 days.After confirming the registration and issuance of a special verification code , which will be sent in the SMS-message to the phone number provided during registration, you will be taken to a page download the client application to work with WebMoney .

You can choose one of the options the client application WebMoney - the so-called keeper (WebMoney keeper).Available version of WM Keeper Classic, WM Keeper Light, WM Keeper Mini, WM Keeper Mobile.Typically, a personal computer installed version of WM Keeper Classic.

download the distribution desired version WM Keeper Classic, start installation of the application, follow the instructions.After installation is complete, run your WM Keeper .

On the home page you will see WM Keeper'a invitation to registration (switch "Register in WebMoney).Set the switch to this position and accept the touch of a button "OK".

How to create a purse WebMoney?

In the window that opens, re-enter the confirmation code obtained by e-mail .After entering the code, press "Next".

In the window that opens, create your password .Create a password is used to log into WebMoney-account.Password should be good to remember.

How to create a purse WebMoney?

After successfully entering the password for some time keeper will create a special key file .Upon completion of this process, you will be assigned a unique personal identifikatorv system WebMoney - WMID .

How to create a purse WebMoney?

WMID is a 12-digit number and is used to identify a participant in the system.His WMID best anywhere to record because it is very difficult to remember.

next step in creating a purse WebMoney - save the file of keys and assigning a password to access the file .Here we need the marginal care - key file needed when reinstalling the operating system, its WM Keeper'a transfer to another computer.

How to create a purse WebMoney?

After successfully saving the file of keys and assigning a password to access it, the preliminary phase of the WebMoney purse is almost complete.It remains to enter a special activation code - it will be sent to the e-mail, specified during registration.

How to create a purse WebMoney?

Now you can proceed directly to the creation of the WebMoney-wallet .The system WebMoney has several different types of purses:

  • Z-purse.It stores WMZ - equivalent of US dollars.
  • R-purse.It stores WMR - equivalent of Russian rubles.
  • U-purse.It stores WMU - Ukrainian hryvnia equivalent.
  • B-purse.It stores WMB - equivalent to Belarusian Roubles.
  • E-purse.It stores WME - equivalent of Euro.
  • G-purse.It stores WMG - equivalent of gold, t. E. 1 WMG is equivalent to 1 gram of gold.

a few exceptions, within its WMID you can create any number of any type of purses.The most commonly held in mutual WebMoney WMZ and WMR , so it makes sense to create a WebMoney purse is one of these types.

To create a new wallet, you need your keeper in the menu select Purses - Create a new .Next, select the type to create a purse.In the "Name" enter any name for the purse - as you prefer.

How to create a purse WebMoney?

Now created WebMoney purse can be seen in the tab "purses" of your keeper .