How to use Instagram free photoappendices Instagram, allowing edit and share your photos on the Internet, it is available only to owners of gadgets from Apple.But with the release of Instagram for Android applications has increased in popularity, and now many users are interested in, how to use Instagram .

How to use Instagram: installing the application

This application is distributed through the official app stores from Apple and Google - App Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market) respectively.If you've ever used one of these stores, installing Instagram should not cause you any trouble, it is similar to installing any other application.

To use Instagram on your device should be installed operating system version iOS 3.1.2 (or newer) or Android 2.2 (and later) .Instagram for PC version does not exist (unless we mean a tablet computer that runs on OS Android), you can use Instagram only on mobile devices.

However, there are web services and applications that enable you to manage your account in I

nstagram : view the tape, "laykat" and comment on other people's photos, subscribe to users, view statistics of your account.In particular, the application Pandagram for iPad, Carousel for OS X, sites statigr.am, instagrid.me, instaliga.com etc..

also need to beware of scams that offer you to buy Instagram : App is free atdownloading and installing it is not necessary to send any SMS or pay for the program in any other way.

How to use Instagram: work with application

So, the application is installed, it's time to figure out how to use Instagram. When you first start you will need to register , for this click Sign up.In the dialog box you will need to provide your e-mail address, to come up with a user name and password.

In the future you will use your login and password to log in to your account in the program (button Log in).The account is needed in order to share your photos with other users Instagram, as well as for integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and so on. N.).

Optionally, immediately after registration import contacts and find friends from your contact list, an account in Facebook / Twitter, as well as to search for logins and usernames.When finished, click Next.You will be asked some users zafollovit Instagram (to do this, click Follow next to the name of the user).When finished, click Done.

How to use Instagram How to use Instagram How to use Instagram

At the bottom of the application window is a toolbar with tabs, which are used to control the application.Icon a home - it Homepage , it appears feed (Feed) with new photos of users on which you are subscribed.You can mark your favorite pictures by clicking Like, and comment on photos.

tab with an asterisk previously called Popular (the most popular in Instagram), starting with version 2.5 it is called Explore , this tab was moved to the search string to search for hashtags.

tab with the camera (Share) is centered .You can take a photo directly in the application or select a picture in one of the albums with ready photo (you need to long press on the tab).Note that the photo will be square, as if he were shooting a camera Polaroid. For photos, you can apply different filters, for example :

  • Normal (No filter) - the usual picture;
  • X-Pro II - rich, warm tones, the emphasis on the blue and green hues;
  • Earlybird - blurred faded colors, emphasis on beige and yellow colors;
  • Lomo-fi - a little blurry indistinct colors, rich green and yellow;
  • Sutro - reminiscent of sepia, focus on brown and purple shades;
  • Toaster - slightly overexposed photo, darkening the corners;
  • Brannan - low-key tone, emphasis on green and shades of gray;
  • Valencia - close to the natural contrast, a slight predominance of browns and grays;
  • Walden - a little "faded" color, light blur;
  • Hefe - blurred colors, emphasis on gold and yellow hues;
  • Nashville - grainy photo with violet-purple tint, border resembles the filmstrip;
  • 1977 - photo under 70s.

Also present filters Kelvin, Amaro, Rise, and Hudson.

After applying the filter, you will be prompted to enter a brief description of the photo (Field What?), You can also optionally select the location , where the photo was taken (Field Where?).

Next will open Sharing.If you want to share photos to some social network (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr, Foursquare), click on its name.Pre-need to associate your account with Instagram accounts in other social networks.When finished, click Done.

remaining two tabs - it News, Newsline (comments, "likes"), and integration with Facebook .The last tab appeared after buying Instagram Mark Zuckerberg.Now it is possible, in particular, to synchronize "likes" in Facebook and Instagram.

As you can see, use Instagram is not too difficult .Despite the fact that no Russian interface, most functions intuitively understandable.

How to use Instagram How to use Instagram How to use Instagram How to use Instagram How to use Instagram How to use Instagram