Firefox Sync: Sync feature data Previously, if necessary, re-install the Mozilla Firefox browser, or simply move the bookmark to another computer have to first export the bookmarks, and then import them.And transferred with only bookmarks stored passwords and other information is not subject to transfer.But now for the transfer of most of the data in one fell swoop developers offer feature Firefox Sync .

Firefox Sync - a feature of synchronizing bookmarks and other data (logins and passwords, history of visits, etc.) on the browser Firefox, is installed on different computers.This extension was designed in 2009 (then called Weave), the first stable version of it was published in January 2010.Starting with version Mozilla Firefox 4.0 extension Firefox Sync is included in the basic browser.

So, how to set up Firefox Sync on your computer? If you browser version 4.0 and above, go to the Tools menu and select Preferences.In the window that opens, click the Sync tab.In this tab, you'll see the "Customize Firefox Syns", click it.Setting

s window will appear in which you need to click on the button "Create Account".

opens creating an account, you need to enter the data into the appropriate fields: e-mail address, password, password confirmation.You also need to select the synchronization server, the default server is Firefox Sync.Your data is not synchronized between computers directly, and through the server: one computer "gives" the data on the server, the second of their "picks", and vice versa. All data is transmitted and stored in encrypted form , so worry about the leak is not necessary.

So, entering all the data, tick the "I accept the terms of service and privacy policy" and click the Next button. After that you will be offered to save the recovery key .He'd just need to decrypt your personal data.Without it, access to configure Firefox Sync with other computers may not be possible, so be sure to back it up: you can not restore it.You can print it or save it on your computer in the form of HTML-file to be sure you can do something, and then.

make a backup of the recovery key, click Next.You will be asked to enter a captcha to prove you are not a robot.Everything!Account setup Firefox Sync is complete, you can now click Finish and select Sync tab, which information should be synchronized , check or uncheck items in front bookmarks, passwords, settings, history, and tabs.

Now you need connect to your account another computer , so you can synchronize data between browsers installed on different machines.To do this on the computer that you want to synchronize, just go to the Sync tab, and then click "Configure Firefox Syns."Only this time in the window you need to press the "Connect" button under the inscription "I already have an account with Firefox Sync».

window with a twelve code.You need to go back to the computer on which you set up Firefox Sync initially Sync settings select "Add a Device" and enter the code from the second computer .Now the device will be synchronized with each other.

If you currently do not have access to a second computer, you can set up synchronization with a key recovery (in such cases it is desirable to wear the key on a flash drive or hard copy).In this case, in the need to add a device to click the link "I have not have a device."This opens a window where you need to enter your email address and account password Firefox Sync, as well as a recovery key.Click Next.After checking the recovery key data in this browser will be combined with the data of your account, which are stored on the servers of Mozilla Firefox.

Later forced to synchronize the data you need in the Tools menu, select Synchronize. Firefox Sync does not work only on computers - supports the connection of mobile devices running Android, Maemo, and Apple iOS, in which a version of the browser that supports Firefox Sync.

Those who are used to save bookmarks in a conventional manner, Firefox Sync may seem inconvenient, but eventually they will appreciate the benefits of this function. main thing - do not lose the key recovery .

Firefox Sync: Sync feature data