Applications Google Chrome With many applications, you can not only greatly enhance the browser, but also set up his own way.It is this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmanagement of the company Google, so tries to make different applications Google Chrome so that they fit all users.

First, let's answer the question, why do we need the application Google Chrome ?In today's dynamic Web sites have different features that were previously available only installed on your computer.But today is not required to use all these many programs.It is enough to install an application that disk space and takes up much less, and failures should not give (guaranteed developers).

But you should always distinguish between the true bookmark and the application .Bookmarks to various sites at the moment very much.But they can not be called true applications.And it was about the last question.What are the applications Google Chrome, and what they can do?

One of the most useful applications of Google Chrome are the numerous notebooks.So, notebook Quick Note similar text

document Microsoft Word .Just to recall the last to be specifically run.But the notebook is available immediately under the application.It can record all without leaving the browser.Even save nothing is required!Everything happens automatically.This application Google Chrome works even if you do not work to connect to the Internet.

TweetDeck - a very useful application for all users, which often lead many conversations in social networks.With its help, you can always stay up to date with all the events and dialogue on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Foursquare, MySpace.

Google Talk applies more to expansion than applications .But still this useful feature is also worth mentioning.With Google Talk you can always stay in touch with people who are on the list of your contacts Google+.I am particularly pleased that the chat window is always open and active even if you switch from one tab to another.

agree that Google Chrome application should be useful for all users.Think, how many times you had to run a calculator to calculate any data ?Switching between browser window and a calculator may not include all the features that may be needed at times, exhausting.A feature not found in a standard calculator, it is necessary to search the Internet.But thanks to the calculator application Google Chrome is no longer required of all this.All kinds of calculators at the moment there are so many.They differ in functionality and design.

Calculatoure - this is the best application for all users that require compute complex mathematical problems. Numerics Calculator more easy to use and has a very nice interface.In addition, it has a function of converting values.

What are some other useful applications Google Chrome? Among the numerous applications should allocate dictionaries .So that you do not have to constantly look for word translation, you can simply use a good application.Among the many dictionaries you can select the one that you like the most.Choice is unlimited.You can use as a simple translator En-Ru, and Yandeks.Slovari.Maybe you are interested in automotive theme?And this case is a useful application!Everything that is connected with the machines can be found in the dictionary Cars.

Among numerous useful applications Google Chrome can be noted variety of watches and alarm clocks .Among the numerous alarms and hours you can choose exactly the application that functionality suits you best.

By the way, the game - it is also the application Google Chrome.Among the many games it should be noted the most popular application, which is very popular with many people around the world.Some may assume that pesky birds and green pig is not so popular, but actually app Angry Birds considered one of the best of all those that came out in 2011.By the way, thanks to the game developers were able to draw the attention of all users on the gaming capabilities of the platform Google Chrome.

Applications Google Chrome