Samsung Kies does not see the phone Many owners of Samsung phones to connect your phone to the computer using the application Samsung Kies, which is easier to work with a PC connected to the phone.But sometimes it happens that Kies does not see the phone .What to do in such a case?

To start cost to make sure that the problem is really with the application Samsung Kies, not with the computer .He sees the phone as if your computer is connected device?If not - then the problem may be with your computer (such as a USB port or driver).In this case, help general tips for those times when the computer does not see the USB flash drive or other USB device: USB Ports check, test driver, scan the system for viruses.

If your system is determined by Samsung, but Kies does not see the phone, to start, try to close the program, turn off the cable and plug it back : sometimes it helps.You can try to connect the cable to another port, make sure the back of the computer and not on the front.And it is desirable to connect directly, not via an extension c

ord.Do not run the program until the operating system does not "see" the phone.

should also check the connection settings in your phone , in connection settings from the PC to choose Samsung Kies.Also try the phone settings under Connection → USB to select "Debug USB».Can additionally restart the phone (turn it off and turn back) - suffer from it will not be exact, but sometimes it helps to reboot your phone to deal with the problem.

However, reconnect the cable and / or restart the phone to help not in all cases.If even then the Kies does not see the phone, first try reinstalling the drivers phone .Press the left upper row in the program and select "Driver Installation" or "Restoring a driver."Or, update the driver through Device Manager (Control Panel → Device Manager, find the list of the phone, right-click and select "Update Driver Software").

If this does not help, try reinstalling the program itself .Perhaps it has been installed correctly, or you have an old version of worth.First, remove the Samsung Kies via the Add or Remove Programs (in Windows 7, this section of the Control Panel called Programs and Features).Then you need to clean up the registry of "traces" left there by the program Kies.Clean your registry manually is possible only if you are an experienced user and know what to do!If you do not know what the registry and how to use it, use the program to clean the registry (for example, CC Cleaner) or do not touch the registry at all.

After removing the program, restart your computer and install Samsung Kies again.Put date, the latest version of : sometimes the reason that Kies does not see the phone - it is an old version of the application with the new version it should work.Download Samsung Kies need from the official website of the application.Before installation, it is desirable to disable antivirus and firewall software and need to install an administrator (right click on the installation file and then click "Run as administrator").

Sometimes Kies does not see the phone because that in the phone memory or memory card to save the file with a too long extension .When you connect the app scans your media on the phone memory.If you come across a file with a long extension, the scanning process gets off and starts all over again, eventually the phone can not connect.

How to deal with it? To get started, try to remove the memory card : If the problem file is on her phone without a card would normally connect via Kies.If the file on the phone, connect your phone to the PC via the removable disk and copy all the media files in a separate folder on your computer and your phone, delete them.Do not delete the files, the origin of which is unknown to you!If it helps, at the end of a Samsung Kies just copy the files back.

As you can see, there are several reasons why Kies does not see the phone, and a few ways to fix this problem. If you can not connect the phone via Samsung Kies, do not despair : Try to start all the possible solutions, and then later refer to specialists.

Samsung Kies does not see the phone