The open CHM? During work on a computer, users can encounter a variety of file types.Most types of files automatically "picked up" the established programs and opened without any problems, but some may experience difficulties.For example, some users are interested in, you open CHM .

First, let's look at what is a CHM format, and why do some people may need to open the CHM. CHM (HTMLHelp) - a format of help files, developed by Microsoft .CHM file contains a set of HTML pages, it can also include a link to the page contents, index and full text search database.CHM format supports all formatting options that are available in HTML and CSS, while "weighs" less than ordinary HTML.

Because the format was developed by Microsoft, you may open the CHM standard means of Windows.In all versions of Windows (since Windows 98) is a standard means of viewing CHM-files - a utility hh.exe , located in the directory C: \ WINDOWS \.

to open CHM, click on the file, right-click.This opens a context menu where you have to select "Open W

ith ...".From the list of proposed programs, select «executable Help format HTML Microsoft®» («Microsoft® HTML Help Executable»), tick the phrase "Use for all files of this type" and click OK.If the list of programs, this program is not present, click "Browse" and locate the folder in Windows executable hh.exe.

However, sometimes may fail when you open CHM-files.What to do if you can not open the CHM?First, check the file path.In some cases, files can not be opened CHM, in a way which contains Cyrillic characters, the underscore character (_) or pound sign (#) .So try to rename the folder that contains the file or move it to another folder, and then check if it will have to open the CHM.

Also, you can not open the CHM as a result of a system failure.To correct this failure, click the "Start" button, select "Run" in the window that opens, type regsvr32% windir% \ system32 \ hhctrl.ocx and click OK.It should help.

in CHM format is often stored not only help files, and e-books.Therefore, open the CHM can also be a number of programs designed for reading electronic books, in which case they are often more convenient than the standard utility Windows. Which programs support the format CHM?

Unfortunately, CHM format is not documented, so it is not supported by All Programs "reading room";CHM support often stated as an experimental feature, or the format is supported in part.However, there are a number of programs that can help open the CHM.So, this format supports the well-known tool for working with e-books - Calibre .

CoolReader format supports CHM, starting with version 3 and older (last current version - 3.0.51).Support CHM stated in the popular program FBReader , but in practice, when reading books in this format are not displayed table.But if there is no table in the file, the program will deal with it. ICE Book Reader Professional supports CHM, not using the components of Microsoft.

There are special programs to open the CHM with portable devices (phones, smartphones, tablets).So, for the gadgets running on a platform Windows Mobile, there is a program AlReader .It declared experimental support for CHM.Google Play (formerly Android Market) offers a number of "e-readers" for Android, supports CHM, for example, Android CHM EBook Reader .The App Store also has an application with which to open the CHM in the operating system iOS.

So it's not so bad CHM, as he is painted, There are several ways to open this format , and nothing complicated about them.

The open CHM?