The program for the promotion of groups VKontakte: Viking Botovod Currently, the promotion of the social network VKontakte (VC) is very important for sites that want to attract the attention of a large audience that the "monster" of the world of social networks.Therefore, so popular it is the promotion of the group VKontakte and promotion page VKontakte.It is very useful in such cases is Botovod Viking program.

Viking Botovod - a program designed Viking Studio, and designed for automated manage multiple accounts, groups, public pages and activities in the social network VKontakte.Using Viking Botovod allows promotion group inContact faster and more efficient than manually.

program for promotion of the VC group Viking Botovod has many useful features, including: Posting of the RSS, inviting friends, hearts VKontakte cheat (cheat likes), add messages and pictures.Customize Viking Botovod enough once to further it automatically performs the specified action.

So, posting from RSS configured so that all groups, events, as well as personal and public pages for whic

h promotion is carried VKontakte, display updates from RSS-feeds associated website or blog.This will shift the tedious chore to publish updates on the "strong shoulders" Viking Botovoda and thus greatly facilitate the work of promotion.

The program for the promotion of groups VKontakte: Viking Botovod

Promotion page VKontakte would be unthinkable without published on this page of messages and images .Manually done similar to several accounts would be too long, but with the help of Viking Botovoda problem can be solved easily and quickly: the program will simply add to the page image of the folders that are specified in the settings.

Invite friends according to certain criteria - Another useful feature of the program Viking Botovod.For example, the program can ask invitation to friends on the lists of id, you can invite friends to one of the accounts of the other accounts of friends, you can invite friends to members of their groups and so on. D.

particularly interesting possibility is the program Viking Botovod exchangehuskies (exchange of hearts).It has long been observed that the more this or that record to tape a user likes (hearts), the more interest it produces.Exchange huskies (hearts) in Viking Botovode allows you to cheat likes VKontakte (cheat hearts) to draw attention to certain publications.

By the way, for those who are interested in free huskies VKontakte , there is a special version of the Viking Botovod - Botovod-lite.This free program for cheating hearts VKontakte allows you to exchange hearts (huskies) with other users and thereby increase the number of hearts (likes) to the desired publication.Work with Botovod-lite comfortable thanks to its intuitive interface.

The program for the promotion of groups VKontakte: Viking Botovod

program for promotion of the VC group Viking Botovod, as seen from above, is an effective additional tool for promoting the social network site VKontakte.Among other benefits from the program Viking Botovod there is one - is the ability to work offline.

Enough customize off-line program , to always when the computer Botovod Viking Run the scheduled task.You can even make Viking Botovod loaded simultaneously with the launch of the operating system that will allow the program to operate without any additional action by the user.

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The program for the promotion of groups VKontakte: Viking Botovod